Day 3: FBI Confirms More Suspicious Packages Update with Official Press Conference

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Live Stream Press Conference from NYPD and NYC Mayor

Following up on TNB Breaking News here and here, the FBI cautioned the public that it was possible “additional packages were mailed to other locations,” warning that the public should “remain vigilant.”

Last night the FBI confirmed two more packages “similar in appearance to the others” were sent to Rep. Maxine Waters, one to her Maryland address and one to her address in California.

This morning the FBI has now confirmed three more packages, again, “similar in appearance to the others” have been sent to a New York restaurant owned by Robert DeNiro and two other packages have been confirmed were sent to former Vice President Joe Biden’s Delaware address.

This brings the number of confirmed, and confiscated, devices to 10 in the last 72 hours that have been sent to prominent Democrats politicians, News Media stations, and others.

NBC’s local affiliate New York 4 reports that according to law officials the package was addressed to DiNiro and to a property he owns located on Greenwich Street and “houses offices for Tribeca Films and Tribeca Grill.”

A building worker called police early Thursday because, after seeing Wednesday’s news, he remembered seeing a similar package a day or so ago. The device was removed from the property and no evacuation was ordered; the building was unoccupied.

NBC New York 4; Oct 25 2018

New York 4 captures the NYPD’s bomb containment vehicle transporting the package believed to be an explosive device delivered to the DeNiro property to the NYPD facility located in the Bronx to be safely disposed early this morning.

According to an Associated Press report the “two packages addressed to Biden were intercepted at Delaware mail facilities in New Castle and Wilmington.” No other information is available at this time other than the FBI confirming the two packages addressed to Biden have been confiscated.

As this appears to be another on-going story, TNB will continue to update with any further information.

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