Watch Live Trump Rally 13 — #Mosinee #Wisconsin #MAGA

President Donald J. Trump speaks in an aircraft hangar at the 193rd Special Operations Wing, Middletown, Pennsylvania. Photo by Staff Sgt. Tony Harp.

President Trump is scheduled to appear at another MAGA rally on Wednesday. Rally 13 comes from Mosinee, Wisconsin. 

Wednesday’s rally comes just hours after several suspicious packages had been delivered to several key democrat figures that often appear in President Trump’s rally speeches. 

In a statement FBI Director Christopher Wray said asked “anyone who may have information to contact the FBI,” adding that “no piece of information is too small to help us in this investigation.” 

According to the statement the following individuals received a “suspicious package that “contain potentially destructive devices”

The statement also verifies that each manila envelope had the return address of “DEBBIE WASSERMAN SHULTZ” [sic] in Florida. Packages identified to date were addressed to:

  • George Soros 
  • Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton
  • Former President Barack Obama 
  • Former CIA Director John Brennan, care of CNN
  • Former Attorney General Eric Holder. 

Holder’s package as the News Blender reported, did not reach it’s intended destination, it was sent back to the Florida address. The device found in the mail-room of CNN, was later transported to the Bronx for disposal. 

The FBI statement does caution that it’s possible, “that additional packages were mailed to other locations,” they warn the public, “to remain vigilant and not touch, move or handle any suspicious or unknown packages.”

Both President Trump and Vice President Mike Pence condemn the event via Twitter. President Trump also said prior to an event hosted at the White House that it’s time like these, “we have to unify.” 

As a reminder during President Trump’s rally from Houston, Texas, President Trump called himself a nationalist, and once again explained that liberals were criminals.

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