Randy Credico, Stone Associate, To Plead Fifth Before Senate Intelligence Committee

Randy Credico being arrested at an Occupy Wall Street demonstration in Times Square. Photo by Timothy Krause

Politico reports Randy Credico has informed the Senate Intelligence Committee  through his lawyer that he plans on pleading the Fifth Amendment in response to their subpoena for his testimony in the ongoing Russia investigation.

Credico is a radio personality , a Democratic Bernie Sanders supporter and long time associate of Roger Stone. Stone, a long time associate of and adviser to Donald Trump, has stated that Credico was an intermediary between him and WikiLeaks founder, Julian Assange.

Stone appeared to predict the dumping of DNC hacked emails in 2016 when he tweeted, saying that Clinton’s campaign manager John Podesta’s “time in the barrel” would soon arrive. He also bragged about flying to London and meeting with Assange in an email to Sam Nunbery. Stone denies advanced knowledge of the leak of the stolen emails and of meeting with Assange, saying it is just his “schtick“. 

Stone’s interactions with Assange, have brought him scrutiny by both the Senate Intelligence Committee and special counsel Mueller. The intelligence has concluded with high confidence that Russian intelligence used Wikileaks to strategically leak the emails in an effort to elect Donald Trump.

In May, Credico passed along a message from Julian Assange to the Senate Intelligence Committe, in which Assange offered to testify in front of the committee to prove there was no “collusion”. He also stated he fabricated responses to Stone’s emails seeking a meeting with Assange because he was tired of Stone bothering him.

Credico has recently testified in front of a grand jury convened in the special counsel’s investigation about his role in the 2016 election. He has stated that the experience was like “sitting on an electric chair for a couple hours” in spite of being allowed to bring his therapy dog, Bianca, with him. 

Credico also invoked the fifth when he was supoenaed by the House Intelligence Committee last year, according to the Washington Examiner.

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