An Open Letter To Democrats

Dear Democrats,

Today, for the first time in my life (35 years of voting), I voted for a Democrat…two, in fact.

But let me make this perfectly clear. I did not do that because you have won me over to your positions. I did not do that because I think you would run this country’s government better than the Republicans. And you should not count on me to ever vote for a Democrat again.

Make no mistake, you have done nothing to earn my vote.

Rather, I voted for a couple of Democrats for one reason, and one reason only…in an attempt to smack the Republicans upside the head and knock them out of their Trump Trance.

Why would I not want to join you for the long-term? Because you have proven to be every bit as dangerous to our Constitutional Republic as Trumpism. Instead of attempting to move to the center and pick up those of us who have moved away from the Republicans, you have moved to the left and have doubled-down on the march to progressive socialism.

Sorry, that’s a non-starter.

As long as you insist on putting forth socialist candidates such as Bernie or Elizabeth Warren or most of the other current leaders of the party, you will not attract me or those who are like-minded to me.

As long as you can’t understand that Hillary was just as bad an option as Trump was, you will not attract me or those who are like-minded to me.

As long as you fail to see that President Obama was also a very divisive figure, even if not as brash and as brazen as Trump, you will not attract me or those who are like-minded to me.

As long as you continue marching us toward full-on socialist policies, you will not attract me or those who are like-minded to me.

As long as you continue to disregard and dismiss the Constitution because you have deemed it outdated or inconvenient, you will not attract me or those who are like-minded to me.

On the other hand, the majority of the people in this country are craving a party and leaders that are rational, knowledgeable, and reasonable.

Many of you Democrats, for the past couple of years, have given renewed attention to the Constitution, embracing it in some ways that you haven’t done in years. However, your sudden interest in it is suspect. My advice to you in that regard is to truly and sincerely demonstrate that you understand it and believe in it.

The candidate I will vote for in the future for any federal office will be the candidate who fully understands the Constitution and the associated roles of each level of government. At the federal level, a candidate’s position on nearly all of the things that we argue about should not even matter. Nearly all of the political/partisan debates that divide us should be handled at the local/state level. With that in mind, I would vote for any candidate that sincerely demonstrates that understanding and is committed to working to restore those proper functions of the levels of government. That’s not to say that there are no legitimate federal issues that we should consider…of course there are. But after removing all of the distractions of all of the issues that should not be at the federal level, those remaining would be much easier to handle.

If Hillary Clinton ran a sincere Presidential campaign to restore federalism to our system as it was intended and as is the only thing that can actually work with such a vast number of people with differing values, ideals, and cultures, I would support and vote for her. It does not matter at all whether I agree with her on all of the issues that would be (should be) debated and decided on the local/state level. Now, Hillary might be an extreme example, but I think it makes my point.

When Trump won in 2016, the Republicans learned all of the wrong lessons from it. They foolishly believed the narrative that “the people” flocked to Trump’s message and methods of delivering it. That’s not what happened. At all. He won purely and simply because Hillary was that bad. He won in spite of his message and methods of delivering it, not because of it. And the Republicans should rightfully pay for that error in judgement.

You Democrats are likely going to make the same mistake. If you “win” this midterm election today, you will probably believe that “the people” are finally moving toward your message and methods. That will not be what you should take away from this.

If you win big today, it will be mainly and mostly because Trump is that bad. You will win in spite of your message and your methods, not because of it.

You should heed that, but if history is any indication, you will not and we will end up with ultra-leftist, progressive, socialist Democrats as our choices in 2020. And I will not be with you.

Many of us on the right have experienced an epic paradigm shift during the past couple of years and recognize the abhorrent flaws with the Republican Party. If we are ever going to fix the extreme divisiveness that is destroying our country, it’s time that our counterparts on the left do the same with the Democrat Party.


Steve Wood
A Conservative, Voting to Stop the Insanity

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