ICYMI Stupid People News Round-Up: The ‘We Can’t Blame Halloween’ Edition

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Another week finds us with another round of in case you missed it News full of Teh Stupid People.

Picking up from where we left of last week, this first one is a special sort of stupid. Rick Wiles. He was an ad marketer for a radio station then became an advertisement sales manager for start-up cable channels who eventually turned himself into a self-proclaimed “minister” in Dallas, Texas. All that before he started his own broadcasts of what he eventually ended up calling TruNews down in Florida.

Wiles spouts conspiracy theories about “Zionism” and such rot about if “Democrats gain power they will slaughter Christians by the Thousands.” If anyone is listening to this guy? Yeah, I got nothing. They’ve got bigger problems than I can address.

And if his teh stupid isn’t strong enough in this area, his interwebz “News” has just recently been given press credentials and his “correspondent” can be found frequently at WH press briefings. He’s a frequent ‘guest’ on the infamous Jim Bakker show, and Of Course, a big Trump supporter. SurPrise!

They’re coming against the church and I’ve been warning people for years and years and years—you better get ready, you better be prepared, if these people ever get power, they’re going to slaughter tens of thousands of pastors, tens of thousands of Christians.”

“They will spill blood in America,” Wiles added. “That is their purpose. That is their objective.”

Right Wing Watch; YouTube Rick Wiles

Can’t blame the left for keeping close watch on guys like Wiles and his ilk. The next day RRW shows Wiles goes on to attack Ben Shapiro because Shapiro had the audacity to denounce right-wing nuts who called the mail bombs a “false flag.” He said Shapiro “has the spirit of Antichrist.”

This next one is especially egregious and I can’t help but wonder if Home Land Security is aware of what is going on here.

The Intercept reported that a Border Patrol union who bills itself as National Border Patrol Council (NBPC) Local 1613, is endorsing, actively promoting on its website and appearing in the video “Killing Free Speech” which features “a variety of far-right racist,” including “Proud Boys” members, and was recently screened in a private showing in San Diego.

“The video is also expected to be shown in Texas, Los Angeles, and Washington, D.C., according to union representative Terence Shigg, president of the San Diego chapter of the NBPC.

According to The Intercept report, “Josh” a Border Patrol Agent is seen in a still from the trailer of the video, and calls Democrats “dark and evil.” The director of the low-budget video is Michael Hansen who is in it and calls himself “the Dane.” He is a Danish immigrate and says throughout, the Intercept says, “immigration has contributed to an epidemic of rape in Europe.” The video also includes “a bevy of American and European far-right, anti-Muslim white nationalists.”

In an interview, Shigg said that Hansen approached the union about being in the video during the height of the family separation crisis at the border this past summer.

“The agents were tired of being called ‘Nazis’ or ‘jack-booted thugs’ or ‘immoral,’” Shigg said. And Hansen offered them a platform to reach viewers directly and not through the filter of the media, which he said is seldom sympathetic toward agents. “He was willing to let us speak freely,” said Shigg. “And that’s not something we generally get in the media.”

The Intercept; Oct 23 2018

Private Movie Screening of “Killing Free Speech.” RSVP ASAP to make sure you have a seat.

The NBPB 1613’s tweets above as of Wednesday, 8 pm CDT, were deleted. The video itself is at vimeo, here.

This guy, Matt Shea, is a Washington state Republican legislator. He’s running for reelection. His “manifesto” has landed him an a potential FBI Investigation.

Shea hosts a radio show on what is called American Christian Network (ACN) called “Patriot Radio.”

This next one is a real winner of the stooped. We need to get her hooked up with the Racist Hotline1-844-WYT-FEAR, right away!

Deborah Cantwell from Indiana not only decided she didn’t like the idea of the new family moving in next door to her, no, she had to take it to the next level and target the new neighbors’ child with her insanity. She wrote a letter and placed it on the door that “warned the parents that one of their children, who authorities said is black was “not welcome,” in her neighborhood” and how inconsiderate of these people not to think of her! Oh, and while she was at it, she TP’s their house.


Washington Post; Oct 30 2018

This next one? This is so stupid it’s painful.

Via Washington Post again Live from Myers Park, Charlotte, North Carolina: Susan Westwood “She was ‘white and hot’ in a racist video. Now she’s viral and unemployed.”

In viral incidents over the past few years, black and brown people have found themselves accosted or worse while going about their daily lives, in almost laughably innocuous scenarios, such as waiting for a school bus while blackthrowing a kindergarten temper tantrum while blackdrinking iced tea while blackwaiting at Starbucks while blackAirBnB’ing while black and shopping for underwear while black.

But people who suddenly found themselves on the receiving end of racial harassment have been empowered by a new weapon: cellphones. Recordings of the incidents have sparked viral videos and spontaneous hashtagged nicknames for people such as #BBQBecky and #PermitPatty, who have been scorned publicly and on social media and, in some cases, fired from their jobs. Westwood has become known as #SouthParkSusan.

Washington Post; Oct 29 2018

There seems to be a running theme going on. Create fear and or intimidation.

Here we find ourselves still in Charlotte, North Carolina. The guy being threatened? He is a black guy helping with early voting.

He campaigned for the Republican candidate.

According to local WBTV Retired New York detective Derek Partee called the people “terrorists,” and that he was attacked “not because of politics, but because of his race.”

Partee says his training kicked in when he saw the suspects. He went over to the car to take pictures of them and the suspect’s vehicle just in case things got out of hand. He says that’s when things got heated.

“They started flexing on me,” Partee said. “‘You want some of this?’ I said, ‘No I’m cool. I am a retired detective.’ They said, ‘I don’t give a [expletive] what you are [racial slur]. And as he is coming at me, now I can see the weapon. I see the butt of a weapon – revolver with a black grip on his waistband.”

WBTV; Oct 25 2018

On A Side Note (Opinion)

There seems to be an unlimited supply of stupid going around. Stay Tuned.

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