Morning Canary – Teh Stupid News Roundup

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I’m betting I can make this a weekly thing.

This first one isn’t “news,” but it was created because of what has been in the news. Watch to the end for a running list of things that have made the news.

BREAKING! Hotline for Racists!

Yes, because this is where we are now days. Stupid [white] people calling the cops because a little black girl dared to sell water, OMG! “without a permit!”

Big h/t to Agent1220 for this one.

New York Times
Published Oct 22 2018

In this satirical infomercial, the comedian and actress Niecy Nash plays the inventor of a new hotline, 1-844-WYT-FEAR. The video advertises a phone service for white people to call when they can’t cope with black people living their lives near them. It’s a real phone number we created so that fearful whites can call it for advice, about their racism.

YouTube; NYT

Big h/t for wanda mason for the retweet … I hear you, Koko, whoever you are. We need to identify this lovely lady who is driving around while being [white] stupid and give her the 1-844-WYT-FEAR number, pronto.

h/t to Roak for alerting me with this retweet…

Oh, look. Teh stupid on steroids. ETTD. Though there is a case that could be made Kudlow was always there.

“The problem with the story is that they don’t respond. Nothing. Nada.”

Sure thing, Larry. That is the problem. Oh, I’m sorry, did I just roll my eyes out loud? My bad.

From the, Oh, ffs and Because, of course file. In what world is this okay? The “Trump Republican Worker’s They’re all “Nationalists” now Party,” that’s where.

Mr. “I thought it was very nice” Thomas is evidently a bad liar as well.

“It was just a beautiful print that I had purchased, and I thought it was very nice,” Thomas said. He said he knew of Forrest only “as a Southern general in the Civil War” and kept the portrait in his basement before decorating a new and larger office at VA’s administrative headquarters a few months ago.

A manager who reports to Thomas disputed part of his account, saying the Forrest portrait was displayed in Thomas’s previous office also, starting in 2015. When he moved offices in recent months, Thomas directed VA’s maintenance staff to install an electrical outlet high on the wall so he could illuminate the portrait, said the manager, Michelle Gardner-Ince.

Washington Post; Oct 23 2018

But we can’t leave it there. We have to cleanse the palate.

These next ones are good for the soul.

This isn’t “news” news, but it should be! What a little cutie pie!

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