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Last Friday, James Fields, the 21-year-old man accused of killing Heather Heyer and injured close to 40 other people in the August 2017 ‘Unite the Right’ rally, was found guilty on 10 criminal counts, including first degree murder.

Fields sentencing hearing began Monday, and on Tuesday the jury came back with a completed recommendation of life in prison for the first-degree murder charge, 70 years for aggravated malicious wounding of another victim and eight other charges that added up to “419 years of prison time and hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines for the lesser charges.”

Fields still faces 28 federal hate crimes charges in a second charge.
According to Associated Press report via ABC WHAM 13, presiding Circuit Court Judge Richard Moore “will formally sentence Fields on March 29, 2019.”

[New York Times]

A shooting in Strasbourg, France is being treated as a terrorist attack, when a gunman opened fire in the Christmas market Tuesday night, killing three, the LeMonde reported.

“A man opened fire in the evening of Tuesday, December 11 on the Christmas market in Strasbourg killing three people and wounding eleven others, according to the latest assessment. The assailant, identified by the authorities, is still on the run and actively sought after. The Paris prosecutor’s office opened an investigation into “assassinations, assassination attempts in connection with a terrorist enterprise and criminal criminal conspiracy” .

While the gunman has been identified, the authorities have not yet released the suspect’s name at this time.

According to the prefecture of Bas-Rhin, it is “stuck S” – abbreviation of “state security” . According to our information, the suspect was born in 1989 in Strasbourg and was followed by the Directorate General of Internal Security (DGSI). The weapon he used is an automatic pistol.

According to our information, a search was made on the morning of the attack on Tuesday at his home as part of an investigation for robberies and attempted homicide. But since he was not at home; he could not be arrested. This operation was done “in connection with the other services [the territorial intelligence and the DGSI] ” , said the World a source close to the file. Since this was a case of ordinary law, the gendarmes carried out the search.


[New York Times] SÃO PAULO, Brazil — A man opened fire in a cathedral in southern Brazil at the end of Mass on Tuesday afternoon, killing four people and injuring four before he fatally shot himself, according to the authorities and witnesses.

According to a Folha DeS.Paulo report (video at link):

(CAMPINAS, SP) A camera of the internal security circuit of the Metropolitan Cathedral of Campinas (SP) shows the shooter’s action in the early afternoon of this Tuesday (11). At least four people were killed and three others injured. The gunman, identified as Euler Fernando Grandolpho, 49, killed himself as soon as military police officers entered the scene.

In the video, obtained by Folha, the sniper appears on the left side of the screen shortly after the end of Mass. Suddenly he gets up and starts firing on the group of people sitting right behind him. He walks inside the cathedral and apparently recharge his weapon. Two PMs come in right away.

According to police, the shooter is hit by the PMs, bet he kills himself right away.

Folha DeS.Paulo


“Deleted emails. Disappearing documents. Outright lies. Attempts to use cozy relationships with cops to “kill the story” that serial child molester Larry Nassar had preyed on Olympic athletes for years. This is how the leaders of the U.S. Olympic movement acted, according to a new investigative report. They acted to protect their bloated salaries, rather than to protect young women. They acted like leeches and barnacles. They turned the USOC into a shell.”

On page after page, the report refuses to soften sentences or dull the shocking specificity of the failures. Its documentation of what can only be called a coverup by the USOC and foot-dragging by the FBI will be of intense interest to congressional overseers. In the summer of 2015, USA Gymnastics chief Steve Penny “squarely presented” allegations of Nassar’s sex abuses to the leaders of the USOC, yet they did not take a single preventive measure that would have saved other victims. Instead they pursued a strategy of “secrecy,” the report declares. This “inaction and concealment had consequences: Dozens of girls and young women were abused during the year-long period between the summer of 2015 and September 2016,” the report declares.

Washington Post

Ropes & Gray – Report of the Independent Investigation;  The Constellation of Factors Underlying Larry Nassar’s Abuse of Athletes; By Joan McPhee & James P. Dowden; Released December 10, 2018; [full report]

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