Is Trump Simply Conning His Way Out Of the Shutdown Mess?

President Donald Trump Caricature by DonkeyHotey.

Here’s my theory:

Trump knows that the emergency declaration of the “border crisis” is not going to fly. But he doesn’t care.

Remember, Trump really doesn’t care about anything except his own image. That is key in analyzing everything that Trump says and does.

And mostly he only cares about his image as viewed from his base (aka his future Trump TV viewers).

I said “base”, so:

Trump Meghan Trainor “All About That Base” parody. Image by Lenny Ghoul.

So, he makes this big show of “strength”…of demonstrating to his base that he is not going to give in on the border (The WALL) issue. Because, as he will tell us, it is such an urgent, national security issue that he is forced (by the Democrats, who want the criminals and drugs coming over) to declare a National Emergency and build The WALL himself (with his own two, tiny hands, if necessary).

But, like everything Trump says and does, it’s all for show. He knows damn well that it’s not going to happen, but also knows that his base will believe anything and praise him and call him a national hero.

At the same time, he will now claim that there is no need to keep the government shutdown going since he addressed his main concern about the budget.

Based on his claim of taking care of the border problem himself, he will go ahead and sign the legislation to reopen the government.

This way, he will declare victory (as will all of his Trump Propaganda Minions, and by now you all know who I mean).

They will claim that Trump ran circles around Pelosi and Schumer (and throw in Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez for good measure, of course).

Once the courts put a halt to Trumps declaration of an emergency (because what is the evidence of an emergency?), he will spit and sputter (aka rage tweet) about how the Dems and the Deep State and the Obama Judges are out of control and will do anything to stop anything he tries to do. He’ll probably throw in a random “THERE WAS NO COLLUSION!” as well.

In the end, the government shutdown will end, the base will be sufficiently riled up and assured of Trump’s greatness…and there will still be no WALL.

We’ll then move on to the next Trump induced crisis.

It’s just a theory. The alternative (Trump declares the national emergency and no other branch challenges or checks him and he then diverts the DOD into a wall building entity, providing Trump and his base with a big beautiful WALL) would be much more damaging. Not much surprises me after the past few years, but that scenario sure would.

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