Roger Stone Posts Questionable Image of Judge via Instagram

Roger Stone. Image captured by the News Blender

Former Trump campaign ally and President Trump defender Roger Stone shared a now deleted image of District Court Judge Amy Berman Jackson via Instagram.

The image contained Jackson’s face with the image of a crosshairs sign posted to the side of her head.

In two new posts on Instagram, Stone explains that the photo pictured above, was “misinterpreted,” adding that “any inference that this was meant to somehow threaten,” Judge Jackson or to “disrespect,” the court, is “categorically false.”

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Statement of Roger Stone #rogerstonedidnothingwrong

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Update #rogerstonedidnothingwrong

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Stone who was indicted by Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s office explained to CBS News reporter Kathryn Watson that he has “objected to the manner in which,” his legal case was “assigned to a specific judge rather,” than assigned at random.

University Texas Law Professor explained via tweet that it’s possible if Stone’s intent was to threaten the Judge that he could be guilty of a felony, which Law & Crime explains could find Stone facing 10 years in prison.

As a reminder on Friday Judge Jackson issued a gag-order as Politico explains that allowed Stone to discuss Special Counsel Robert Mueller, and the Russian Investigation as long as Stone did not do so “around the Washington D.C., courthouse.”

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