Watch Live: President Trump Holds MAGA Rally From El Paso, Texas — #ElPasoTX — #MAGA

President Donald J. Trump speaks in an aircraft hangar at the 193rd Special Operations Wing, Middletown, Pennsylvania. Photo by Staff Sgt. Tony Harp.

Monday finds President Trump traveling to El Paso, Texas, to hold his first MAGA campaign rally for 2019.

President Trump explained via tweet that his “Big speech” will focus on “Border Security and much else tonight.”

During his State of the Union President Trump ruffled feathers of El Paso officials as he explained “The border city of El Paso, Texas, used to have extremely high rates of violent crime — one of the highest in the country, and considered one of our Nation’s most dangerous cities.  Now, with a powerful barrier in place, El Paso is one of our safest cities.”

The Washington Post reports that to contrast President Trump speaking just a “stone’s throw” away from the U.S.-Mexico border, former Congressman Beto O’Rourke “will appear at the March for Truth — at a high school a mile away from the coliseum — in the hopes of countering Trump’s hard-line message on immigration.”

O’Rourke who is contemplating a Democratic run for President in 2020, wrote on the publishing site Medium, “He will promise a wall and will repeat his lies about the dangers that immigrants pose. With El Paso as the backdrop, he will claim that this city of immigrants was dangerous before a border fence was built here in 2008.”

It’s worth noting that the bi-partisan committee tasked with reaching a government funding deal that includes money for border security/border wall has just four days left as the short-term spending bill expires on February 15th.

Live Feed 1 CBSN News.

Live Feed 2 Fox News.

Live Feed for Beto O’Rourke’s competing Texas Rally.


The Washington Post, the AP, and CNN are reporting that the bi-partisan committee of law makers have reached a deal to avoid another government shutdown. CNN notes that according to Senator Patrick Leahy the goal was to reach the deal on Monday, with the draft bill expected on Tuesday.

This is a developing story more to follow.

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