An Open Letter to Kram Nivel

Dear Kram (if that is your real name),

First, welcome to TNB! I was very serious in my earlier comment on another post that you and your views are sincerely very welcome here as long as you engage in civil, respectful discussion (as with everyone at TNB).

That said, I do wonder why you chose today, of all days, to make this your first visit. I can only speculate to the reason for that, but based on your initial post about a specific issue, I would have to guess that you are attempting to gloat a bit about what you perceive to be some kind of victory for Trump and those of you who support him. If I am mistaken about that, I am very sorry and I will absolutely encourage you to write a response to this letter that I will be happy to give equal exposure to.

Here is the post I am referring to:

“BREAKING UPDATE! – AG Barr RELEASES report and exonerates Trump! [READ HERE]”

First question for you…do you believe this headline to be an accurate representation of the facts? I assume you do since you decided to come here and post this in the comments, without any of your own commentary on the details. Do you simply take all of this as fact without any critical thinking for yourself? I’m genuinely curious.

If you believe this headline to be accurate, my next question for you is, did Barr actually RELEASE the report? And as a follow up to that question, do you believe that the report/Mueller exonerated Trump of all wrong doing, as this headline implies, or was it actually Trump’s own appointees who decided the evidence didn’t warrant charges against him? Do you see any distinction there or any possibility of bias at all?

The bottom line here is that there are still a ton of unanswered question about Mueller’s report. Do you acknowledge that or are you of the mind that this means complete and total vindication for Trump and all of you who have accepted, supported, and disseminated his narrative, ad nauseam?

Because, you see, it’s this type of headline, and this type of thinking and acceptance of spin, that pushed many of us away from the website that you are promoting. This headline is simply not accurate…dare I say it, it is fake news, no matter what you believe.

You can either seek out the full truth, or you can buy into the narrative and dismiss all of the unanswered questions. Personally, I want the full truth, as I have maintained from the beginning. As I stated in my editorial from the other night, I Trust Mueller. A statement from Trump’s very own recently appointed AG, who has previously made comments that shows his bias about the investigation, is just not good enough to close the case. Anyone who believes it is, is not being intellectually honest and is simply accepting a narrative designed to obfuscate the entire ordeal.

I eagerly await your reply, as I am very curious about this type of thinking. If you want to reply in the comments, that is fine…otherwise, please know that I am sincere about allowing a response that I will feature as a main post.

Best regards,

Steve Wood

Note: To all of my fellow TNBers, please, please refrain from personal attacks on Kram and show the level of civility and respect that we strive for.

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