I Trust Mueller

Special Counsel for the United States Department of Justice Robert Mueller

From the beginning of this whole ordeal, I stated that I wanted a thorough investigation of the entire suspected influence that Russia (Putin) had on our Presidential election and whether or not anyone around Trump (not necessarily Trump himself) was involved in any way. There were obviously a lot of signs that pointed in that direction to warrant an investigation. No matter what political team you are on, the idea of the possibility of an adversarial foreign influence on our elections is unacceptable. It was ludicrous and intellectually dishonest to suggest otherwise.

At the outset, I went on record saying that I would accept the results of a thorough investigation and I believe Mueller conducted one.

Unlike many on the right who I think have lost their collective frickin’ minds, I trust Mueller. I trust his integrity. I trust his professionalism. I trust his honesty. And I trust his competence.

Therefore, if Mueller tells us that he found no evidence of collusion by Trump or any of the people involved in his campaign, I will accept that.

However, after all of this…after all of the questionable actions and lies from so many in the Trump sphere, including Trump himself, a general statement of main conclusions of the Mueller report from AG Barr is just not going to cut it. A much more thorough report of this investigation needs to be presented to the public in order to put any faith in the findings. The best case scenario would be a full hearing on the report with Mueller, himself, answering questions and fully explaining his findings.

If that is done, and Mueller can testify that he had free range, that he did not feel pressured to find one way or another, that he did not believe indictment would be necessary had the DOJ policy not prevented it, and that he was confident that he found and indicted all who warranted it for their nefarious deeds in the 2016 election, that will be good enough for me, as far as this issue is concerned.

I trust Mueller.

But even if that’s the case, it does not vindicate Trump and all of his nonsense surrounding this for the past couple of years. It does not excuse the way he has spouted on and on about a “witch hunt” and attacking Mueller and his team, and disparaging our intelligence agencies, and every other idiotic thing he has done in order to throw multiple wrenches into this investigation. This investigation was not only about Trump, or even mostly about Trump. It was mainly to get to the bottom of what the Russians did. This investigation, no matter if there was collusion by Trump or any of his people, was a success in many ways, even before knowing the full content of the full report.

In other words, Trump is still an idiot. Trump is still unfit for the Presidency. And Trump is still a scourge on our Republic for so many other reasons.

I look forward to all of the answers to so many questions that are still open surrounding the actions of many people in the Trump campaign. No matter what the final analysis is, I believe it is quite clear that a lot of shady people did a lot of shady things. Whether or not there was enough concrete evidence to support any type of prosecution was most likely the issue.

I have a feeling that things are going to get ugly in the coming weeks, even uglier than we’ve already seen, as the fighting over this report ensues. I wish we had some leadership that would help calm things down. Instead, we have the opposite. And that’s our biggest problem. Still.

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