Stone’s Lawyers Apologize to the Court, Again.

Roger Stone. Image captured by the News Blender

On Monday the lawyers for President Trump’s longtime friend Roger Stone, responded to the Court addressing whether or not a recent re-publish of book written by Stone in 2017, violated a gag-order.

In the filing stone’s attorney led by Bruce Rogow, explained that they had “no intention,” of hiding the re-titled and re-published Stone book that criticized Special Counsel Robert Mueller in the new introduction from the Court.

As Courthouse News explains Stone was ordered by U.S. District Court Judges Amy Berman Jackson, “to supply detailed timelines of when Stone planned to make his re-published book available publically. In their responses, they made it clear Stone’s publicity and knowledge of the book’s release occurred before the Feb. 21 gag order was put in place.”

Prior to apologizing to the Court Stone’s lawyers explain that the new Mueller critical introduction “had been sent to the publisher,” and was due for release in February prior to Judge Jackson issuing a stricter gag-order on Stone after he published a photo featuring the judge with what appeared to be gun sight crosshairs to the side of the Judge’s face.

The lawyers write in the apology, “We apologize for the confusing representation about publication,” they write in their conclusion, “The new introduction, post February 21, 2019, presented a question we tried, obviously clumsily, to address. Having been scolded, we seek only to defend Mr. Stone and move ahead without further ado.”

The Washington Post notes that Stone is due back in court for a status hearing on Thursday.

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