Trump Tweets: The Innocent Man Edition

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It’s Monday.

After President Trump spoke for 2 hours at CPAC on Saturday, he tweeted 4 times, including the tweet for his full 2 hour speech.

On Sunday President Trump tweeted 11 times.

So far Monday President Trump has only tweeted one time.

Between Saturday and Sunday the President mentioned Michael Cohen by name 4 times, citing a book manuscript that doesn’t appear to exist. As the News Blender reported on Friday, the onetime personal lawyer for President Trump, Michael Cohen, had a book proposal that was reported in February of 2018, that book proposal was cancelled in May of 2018.

Authors note: Typically when President Trump does the dot, dot, dot, (…) at the end of the tweet, another tweet appears shortly afterward linking the two tweets. I’m unsure how these two tweets link, but he did send them one after the other.

In one tweet President Trump cited, “Presidential Harassment,” aka Congressional Oversight, by “‘crazed” Democrats,” along with the most, “vicious and corrupt Mainstream Media,” that according to President Trump, no “president has ever had to endure.” He finishes his thought after “any” in the next tweet, by explaining “we are WINNING big.”

In another tweet he explains his reason for not wanting “military drills, with South Korea,” citing the cost that feels we should be “reimbursed,” by South Korea for preparing and training our own military. He adds at the end of the tweet, “Also, reducing tensions with North Korea is a good thing!”

In a separate tweet he blames the Democrats for holding a hearing with Cohen, not mentioning Cohen by name, for the talks breaking down with North Korea stating, “may have contributed to the “walk,” he adds, “Never done when a president is overseas. Shame!”

In his first tweet for Sunday the President explained that someone “said it was a total lie,” he add, “but Fake Media won’t show it.” He went on to explain he is a “innocent man,” simply being, “persecuted by some very bad, conflicted & corrupt people in a Witch Hunt that is illegal & should never have been allowed to start.”

I can only assume he is referring to Michael Cohen’s testimony that he has no knowledge of Russian “collusion,” between the campaign and Russia.

For a full look at Saturday and Sunday’s tweets and re-tweets @realDonaldTrump.


Monday is off to swimming start on President Trump’s Twitter feed.

In his first time, that has now been deleted, he explained that FEMA has been directed by President Trump to give “A Plus treatment to” Alabama after a large tornado ripped through Lee County.

As the News Blender reported at least 23 people have been killed, and more remain missing among the debris.

He deleted the tweet and re-issued it two hours later, as @Govlvey, pictured below is not @GovernorKaylvey’s Twitter account.

1. She is working closely with FEMA (and me!).

2. The military drills, or war games as I call them, were never even discussed in my mtg w/ Kim Jong Un of NK—FAKE NEWS!

June 12th, 2018, President Trump held a presser after his first summit with Kim Jong-un, in which he is asked about reducing or the withdrawal of U.S. troops from South Korea, to which he explained that military troop withdrawal was not part of the equation at this time, but he added, “we will stop the war games which will save us a tremendous amount of money.” 

Asked during the presser President Trump held after his second summit with North Korean Leader Kim Jong-un, if the President was thinking about, “re-imposing the military exercises with South Korea,” the President answered according to The White

Trump: Well, you know, the military exercises, I gave that up quite a while ago [the first time the exercise was not held was summer 2018] because it costs us $100 million every time we do it.  We fly these massive bombers in from Guam.  And when I first started, a certain general said, “Oh, yes, sir, we fly them in from Guam.  It’s right next door.” Well, right next door is seven hours away.  And then they come and they drop millions of dollars of bombs, and then they go back and —

But we would spend — I mean, we spent hundreds of millions of dollars on those exercises, and I hated to see it.  I thought it was unfair.

And, frankly, I was, sort of, of the opinion that South Korea should help us with that.  You know, we’re protecting South Korea.  I think they should help us with that.

So those exercises are very expensive.  And I was telling the generals — I said: Look, you know, exercising is fun and it’s nice and they play the war games.  And I’m not saying it’s not necessary, because at some levels it is, but at other levels it’s not.  But it’s a very, very expensive thing.  And you know, we do have to think about that too.

But when they spend hundreds of millions of dollars on those exercises and we don’t get reimbursed — we’re spending a tremendous amount of money on many countries, protecting countries that are very rich that can certainly afford to pay us and then some.

And those countries — by the way, and those countries know that it’s not right, but nobody has ever asked them before.  But I’ve asked them and we’re doing — we’re gaining a lot of money.  We’ve picked up over a $100 billion just in NATO over the last two years.  A hundred billion dollars more has come in.  And we’re doing that with a lot of countries.  You’ll be seeing that a lot.


4. “There is no Collusion. All of these investigations are in search of a crime. Democrats have no evidence to impeach President Trump. Ridiculous!”

Tweet 3 will be covered in article that is currently being worked on.

As to tweet 4 “collusion” is not a crime, the crime is colluding with an intent to conspire against the U.S. with a foreign power. As of this date, the investigation into whether or not President Trump, then-candidate Trump and/or his campaign conspired with Russia during the 2016 Presidential election is on-going, not concluded.

This post will be updated within reason. 

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