One Year Ago Today

On April 16, 2018, we posted a Welcome to TNB message announcing our “soft launch” of this website. For a few weeks before that, the core group of us who founded TNB (Beth, Tiff, Lenny, Alien Motives, and myself) worked many, many hours in putting it all together. We were very excited to open up TNB for a select few to explore and give us some thoughts on it. The response was even better than we anticipated and the excitement and news spread such that the “soft launch” became our actual launch.

As more and more people showed up that day and during the following days, it really seemed like a huge reunion of friends and family. It was clear to us that what we were offering was greatly needed, if only for a small percentage of people who felt completely homeless in our political system. The intent was to attempt to grow those numbers by offering a community that was civil and welcoming to differing opinions and viewpoints. That is a difficult endeavor in our current political climate and we have, on occasion, faltered from time to time on that. But, all in all, I believe we have done a pretty good job of it.

TNB is one year old today.

I’d like to thank all of my fellow TNB Founders for all of the work they have put into this effort, day in and day out. I would also like to thank all of those who have contributed as contributors, moderators, and guest writers during the past year. I won’t attempt to include all of the individual names for fear of leaving someone out, but will single-out Halodoc, who has become a part of the core team behind TNB.

Finally, I’d like to thank all of the regular members of our TNB community. No matter if you were with us on that first day, or you have just recently found us, we are very happy that you are here, participating in our experiment of something different.

For me, personally, TNB has provided a great sense of sanity in this insane political environment. A way for me to vent, rant, and put forth my ideas on how things should be. Without TNB and the people who visit here, I probably would have given up on politics, believing I was alone in my viewpoints. But knowing that there are others who recognize the daily absurdities, it helps to keep me going in the efforts to fight for the ideas and basic principles that are what truly make America great.

Thank you all for participating in TNB’s first year and I hope you will stick with us for many more!

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