Trump Tweets From Air Force One & Japan

Trump Tweets Logo. Image by Lenny Ghoul.

It’s Thursday.

President Trump is in Japan, for the G20 Summit.

On Wednesday night part one of the two-night Democratic Debate aired on NBC News.

The President weighed-in via Twitter.

The President attempted to call out NBC News and MSNBC News for suffering a tech error when they switched debate Moderators over to Chuck Todd and Rachel Maddow.

What the President achieved was irony, versus a sick burn when he made an error in his original tweet, only to remove and reissue the same tweet.

In fairness unlike other tweets that contain errors, this tweet was removed within minutes versus sometimes hours later.

Deleted Tweet.

Other tweets issued during the debate.

This is the second time the President has issued this tweet, for a few hours it was his pinned tweet on June 21st, I still have no idea what it means, but maybe Senator Lindsey Graham’s tweet provides a clue?

I’m sure the grin emoji was to signal he was only kidding….right?

According to the Office of the United States Trade Representative India is our 9th largest goods trading partner, while the U.S., was India’s 13th largest goods export market in 2018.

Part two of the two-night Democratic Party airs Thursday night. With former Vice President Joe Biden, and Senator Bernie Sanders taking center stage.

Also happening on Thursday former Trump campaign Chairman, now convicted felon, Paul Manafort is due to be arraigned in New York at 2:15 eastern time.

CNN reports Manafort is facing 16 criminal counts in Manhattan. The charges relate to mortgages Manafort received on properties in the New York area.

Given that President Trump is currently in Japan, and time zones are real, the count of the tweets for the day will likely be off, however, so far today, the President has tweeted twice.

One of those tweets mocks again the tech difficulty the debate suffered, and may violate copyright laws, as he tweeted a video of the debate with the opening rift to Ozzy Osborne’s Crazy Train the clips ends with a imagine of President Trump walking on to a stage.

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