Watch Live Trump Officially Kicks Off #2020 Campaign

Donald Trump - Riding the Wrecking Ball. Image by DonkeyHotey.

On May 31st, via tweet President Donald Trump announced that he would on June 18th, announce from Orlando, Florida, his intention to seek a second term as President of the United States.

Tonight’s the night, where the President may or may not drop Make America Great and move on to Keep America Great, or he might adopt both, who knows? Maybe the Shadow.

The New York Times reports that the announcement comes almost fours years to the day since he announced his 2016 Presidential Campaign.

Some Tweets from Twitter

^^ Made me snort, hang in toward the end. That face. LOL.

For those that do not, or can not watch President Trump’s rally live Daniel Dale will be live fact checking the event, his first time for CNN.

Live Feed 1 Fox News.

Live Feed 2 PBS News Hour.

Live Feed 3 ABC News.

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