TNB Night Owl–Killereichhörnchen

Eastern grey squirrel, photo by

This week’s Friday film is part four of the Aggressive Squirrel Trilogy. KILLEREICHHORNCHEN (2008) translates as “Killer Squirrel.” There are plenty of homicidal rodents in this movie, but there’s even more to love.

In an attempt to corner Germany’s toothpaste market, The Godfather has been experimenting with bioengineering, including but not limited to, genetically modified homicidal squirrels. Unfortunately, in transit, the box containing said squirrels was lost at a graveyard which happens to be a popular hangout for the local youth. Then there’s the Dr. Squirrel Nut Dragees company in search of a new mascot, the hit man who can’t keep away from the ladies…. Sure, there’s a few subplots, but really, it’s a movie about killer squirrels.

This film was made three years before the director graduated college. The lack of budget, trained actors, special effects, or even qualified animal wranglers shows. KILLEREICHHORNCHEN knows exactly what it is and doesn’t try to pretend it’s art, or even commercially viable movie. What it lacks in those departments it makes up for in sense of humor. When they use plush squirrels as stand ins for the real thing, director Alexander Tuschinski doesn’t try and hide it. Instead, he plays it for what it is–goofy. When they couldn’t afford a real machine gun prop, a sideways tripod worked well enough for a sight gag.

All in all, KILLEREICHHORNCHEN is super goofy fun, as long as you don’t have a squirrel phobia.

Question of the night–what’s your favorite nut-based candy?

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