Trump Tweets Have Crashed Lost All Credibility

Trump Tweets Logo. Image by Lenny Ghoul.

It’s Friday.

And boy aren’t we excited it is?

The week has been long.


Greece welcomed a new Prime Minister.

Jeffrey Epstein was charged with sex trafficking minors.

President Trump tweeted out a fake Ronald Reagan quote.

President Trump via tweet also announced that the U.S. would no longer work with the U.K. Ambassador.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced the creation of Unalienable Rights Commission.

The DOJ announced that the team of lawyers handling the Citizenship question on the Census for 2020 would be replaced.


President Trump’s businesses faced a new round of Congressional Subpoenas.

Alien explained the dangers of Whataboutism.

President Trump Thanked himself on Twitter along with Billy Bones Bait and Tackle owner.

Lawmakers demanded the resignation of Labor Secretary Acosta, while he took to Twitter and weighed-in on the new charges against Jeffrey Epstein.

Two-time Presidential candidate Ross Perot passed away.


Japan initiated a trade war.

President Trump praises the 4th Circuit Court for dismissing what he called a “Deep State, witch hunt” case, that had been brought against him, by Attorneys General in Maryland and DC, via Twitter.

Labor Secretary Alexander Acosta held a presser to explain his part in a terrible plea deal with Jeffrey Epstein in 2008.

The U.K. Ambassador Sir Kim Darroch resigned after the President on Monday announced that the U.S. would no longer work with him.

Senator Lindsey Graham offered his take regarding the U.K. Ambassador stepping down.

Two U.S. District Judges deny the Justice’s notice of withdrawal from two Census Cases, one from New York, one from Maryland.


The President called himself “so good looking, and smart, a true stable genius before he met with self labeled Conservative social media users to discuss the government regulating social media platforms, via Twitter.

After his meeting where people complained that Twitter was “shadowbanning” them, and demanding the government regulate “for fairness,” social media, thus asking the President to violate his Oath to Office, the President announced that he was dropping the Census Citizenship Question, and planned to obtained that data “another way.”


The Judiciary House Committee held a hearing regarding Lessons’ Learned from Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Report.

Kim Jong-un officially became the new boss of North Korea.

Secretary of Labor Alex Acosta Resigned.

The Washington Post is reporting that Special Counsel Robert Mueller has offered the two House Committees he was scheduled to testify before on July 17th, to delay his testimony for one week, to allow Committee members more time to ask questions.

As the article explains under the current agreement Mueller was scheduled to testify for two hours, before the House Judiciary and the House Intelligence Committees.

So far for Friday the President has tweeted 10 times and re-tweeted many, many, many times.

His first tweet for Friday came after he re-tweeted 7 times.

As to the “women outreach program,” good luck with that?

8 re-tweets later.

According to the Washington Examiner, the Conservative radio show host appeared on Fox & Friends Friday morning to discuss the Citizenship Question asked on the Census that it issued every ten-years.

According to Limbaugh, he believes, that Republicans did not make enough fuss when former President Obama removed the question from the Census in 2010.

This is 180 degrees out of phase. It’s wrong. I applaud the president for trying to get this done, and I think by hook or by crook he will get this done. He’s focusing everybody’s attention on it, which is the first thing you have to do to effect positive change.

Why is the controversy wanting to know who among us happens to be a citizen, and who isn’t? Why is that controversial?

It would seem to me that this kind of attention should have been asked when someone in the Obama regime decided to get rid of it

I’ll put this on the Republicans. Look at the way things happen. Obama takes the question off and Republicans do what? We want to put it back on … because its common sense. Put it back on. The Democrats fight, propose, oppose, make it hell on earth to try and get this done.

Limbaugh as quoted by the Washington Examiner.

Obama takes the question off and Republicans do what?

Travel back in time?

According to the Washington Post, in 1950, the Census Bureau for decades included “a question about the naturalization status — that is, citizenship — of immigrants. The last time it did so was in 1950.”

The article notes that in 1970 the Census Bureau decided to have two forms, one short, one long, the long-form, included a question about “naturalization,” the long-form only went to “5 percent of households — that is, one out of every 20 homes.”

That practice continued until 2000, “the 2000 long-form census included a similar question about citizenship.”

The Washington Post provides pictures and explains that in 2005, while George W. Bush was President, a Republican, the Bureau changed how “the bureau’s data collection methodology,” was collected, “instead of collecting this data every 10 years, the government created the more frequent American Community Survey, which allowed it to gather the information more regularly.”

Tariffs are a tax on consumers.

Great job spreading “fake news.”

2 re-tweets later.

Has there ever been a U.S. President as obsessed with the media as President Trump?

As the News Blender reported on Friday, Acosta resigned following the arrest of Epstein over the weekend.

According to Donald J. he will be holding a rally on July 17th, from North Carolina, followed by a rally on August 1st, from Cincinnati, Ohio.

2020 campaign season is upon us.

As we prepare for this weekend, I ask all those that pray, to offer up some words of protection to those in the Gulf States, and please for all of you readers in the Gulf States, be safe, our thoughts from the Blender are with you.

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