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US Congress on Capitol Hill, Washington DC. Photo by Bjoertvedt

On Friday the House Judiciary Committee will hold their third hearing regarding lessons learned from the Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Russian Election Interference Report.

Part three comes just days before Mueller is expected to testify before two House Committees.

According to Judiciary part three of “Lessons from the Mueller Report,” focuses on the “Constitutional Process for Addressing Presidential Misconduct.”

The Witnesses.

  • President of the American Constitution Society, Caroline Fredrickson.
  • Henry Salvatori Professor of Law and Community Service and Director, Center for Constitutional Jurisprudence, Chapman University, Fowler School of Law, John Eastman.
  • Samuel Ashe Distinguished Professor in Constitutional Law, The University of North Carolina School of Law, Michael Gerhardt.

The New York Times on Thursday reported that the House Judiciary Committee approved a dozen new subpoenas “targeting a who’s who of witnesses cited in Robert S. Mueller III’s report,” the Committee also approved “a separate group of subpoenas seeking information about the Trump administration’s practice of separating children from their families at the border.”

According to the individuals that have been subpoenaed are:

  • Rick A. Dearborn
  • Michael T. Flynn
  • Joseph “Jody” H. Hunt
  • Jared C. Kushner
  • John F. Kelly
  • Corey R. Lewandowski
  • Robert R. Porter
  • Rod J. Rosenstein
  • Jefferson B. Sessions
  • Keith M. Davidson
  • Dylan Howard
  • David J. Pecker

In his statement Wednesday prior to the vote, the House Judiciary Committee Jerrold Nadler (D-NY) said, “The Committee will also move forward with our efforts to request information from critical witnesses as part of our ongoing investigation into obstruction, corruption and abuse of power by the President and his associates. As always, I remain open to reaching a reasonable accommodation and will not issue subpoenas if the information we are seeking is voluntarily provided. We will get answers one way or the other.”

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