House Judiciary Committee Serves Lewandowski a Congressional Subpoena

Cory Lewandowski November 2017. Photo by DaTechGuyBlog.

The House Judiciary Committee has served former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski with a Congressional subpoena, CNN reported on Thursday.

Lewandowski is reportedly exploring a possible Senate run in New Hampshire.

The issuing of the subpoena comes just hours before President Trump is holding a campaign rally in New Hampshire, with Lewandowski expected to attend.

The subpoena as the News Blender reported was authorized in early July, along with eleven others featured in the Mueller Report, regarding the President and Obstruction of Justice.

The Committee also served former White House Deputy Chief of Staff for policy Rick Dearborn according to CNBC News, the pair have been scheduled to publicly testify regarding the Mueller Report, on September 17th.

For What It’s Worth.

CNN is reporting that according to three sources, White House Officials have began exploring the possibility of invoking executive privilege in order to allow Lewandowski to avoid offering public testimony.

As the article notes, Lewandowski was never an official member of the Trump Administration so it’s unclear how they would invoke such privilege.

This would not be the first time the White House invoked such privilege, as the News Blender reported, they directed former White House Counsel Don McGahn from complying with a Congressional Subpoena.

As Snip Bytes reported last week, the Judiciary Committee has asked a court to compel McGahn’s testimony, telling the Court the Committee was now determining whether or not to file articles of impeachment, against President Trump for Obstruction of Justice and needed to hear from McGahn directly in order to make that determination.

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