Debunking The Trump Kill List

In light of Jeffrey Epstein’s death, the same people who have been demonstrating themselves foolish by talking about the “Clinton Kill List” are at it again. Epstein was killed by agents of Bill because of Epstein’s connections to the Clinton, including being one of the originators of the Clinton Foundation.

The Clinton Kill List is a perfect example of idiocy, easily debunked, but requiring multiple columns because the allegations have been pervasive for decades. I did part 1 here, part 2 here, and part 3 here. I could have done more, but I compressed it for time. Suffice to say, there’s not just an amazing lack of evidence but even most of the accusations fall apart under basic consideration and reasoning.

This is not about the Clinton Kill List. This is about what I expect has already begun – the Trump Kill List.

There is little that people enjoy more than turning the tables on an opponent, and in this case those tables are on greased casters. Trump, unlike the Clintons, has a long history of association with high-level mob figures, as did his father. He, unlike the Clintons, had a nationwide and even international footprint because of properties in which he was part owner. He, unlike the Clintons, had a staff of paid underlings whose jobs were dependent not on Trump for the duration of a political appointment, but for the duration of Trump’s life (at least, as long as the company remained solvent… a notorious problem for Trump properties.)

Given that both the Trumps and the Clintons are demonstrated liars, and from the position that all have demonstrated sociopath tendencies, if one family were to be involved in systematic murders of their opposition the far greater likelihood is that it would be the Trumps… if only because they have a better opportunity to enact such plans.

The Clinton Kill List originated after the suspicious death of Vince Foster, a man who was an insider associate of the Clintons for more than a decade who committed suicide under suspicious circumstances. A political enemy canvassed the history of the Clintons and found names of people who died young and who had even indirect associations to the Clintons. Because Bill had been a politician, there were many associates to canvas, and enough names were found to form a “kill list”. President Trump, as a media figure, a decades-long politician and a prominent, if not particularly successful, businessman has far more associates than Clinton did.

An easy example would be to watch for things like Stephen F. Hyde, Mark G. Etess and Jonathan Benanev to make the list, after the three died in a mysterious helicopter crash. It wasn’t really that mysterious; it was mechanical failure. But the same mechanical failures have been classified as mysterious by the Clinton Kill List people for decades, so they’ll be on the Trump Kill List. Having had books exposing how there was internal turmoil and contentious arguments between these people and Trump about the running of the casino, they’re prime for the “murder list”.

All of this will center, naturally, around Jeffrey Epstein. The known pedophile was prematurely taken off of a suicide watch shortly after a reported suicide attempt, and days later killed himself. In a New York prison, which have been famously rumored to be heavily influenced by the mob… the same crime families with whom Trump has long associations. Also, in prisons, white supremacist gangs are known to have influence, and Trump has become the all-time favorite politician of many white supremacists.

Trump was a close associate of and regular party attendee for Jeffrey Epstein for almost two decades, starting around 1987. A recent document release associated with Epstein’s crimes indicated that there was a Mar-a-Lago connection, and that a slew of files had been seized in the arrest. There had specifically not been a direct allegation of sexual misconduct by the President, but none of the information from the seized files had been released; the documents pertained to accusations from only one of what had become a handful of accusers for Epstein. While there had been no direct accusations from the first woman of either Trump or Clinton, if they had performed illegal acts there was a reasonable chance those acts would be released in the files. If either had done wrong, Epstein’s death – and the possibility that the investigation will now be dropped – is likely the best imaginable outcome for them.

The death is suspicious… and that is all. There is not enough evidence to state that it is, absolutely, a suicide; nor is there enough evidence to state that it was a murder, or even natural causes associated with a second faked attempt-gone-wrong. Those conclusions are to be reached after an investigation. If the investigation is deemed haphazard or shows signs of a cover-up, it will add weight to conspiracy theories; if it is proper, it will establish the truth from the various possibilities.

What this does not do, however, is validate the notion of a Trump Kill List, despite any list of associate deaths which is expected to surface.

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