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It’s Tuesday.

The President has returned from France.

Labor Day is next week! Can you believe it’s almost fall?

For Tuesday the President has tweeted so far 7 times.

Brazil is on fire, French President Emmanuel Macron, has called the fires spreading through the Amazon rainforest an international crisis, according to CNN, the Brazilian populist President Jair Bolsonaro, found the idea that the G7 would be discussing the crisis at their recent summit in France, “reminiscent of [a] colonial mindset.”

Bolsonaro then appeared to mock Macron’s wife after a meme comparing the leaders two wives implying that Macron was jealous of Bolsonaro.

The populist leader wrote according to CNN under the meme, “Don’t humiliate the guy…haha.”

Macron, called Bolsonaro’s comments disrespectful, saying “He had extremely disrespectful comments towards my wife.”

On Monday the G7 pledged $20 million in international aid to combat the Amazon rainforest fires.

AP News reported on Tuesday, that after having rejected the international aid pledged, which also contained a separate pledge of $12 million from the UK and $11 million from Canada, that while speaking to reporters, Bolsonaro, says, if Macron apologizes for his offensive comments, he’ll will then speak to Macron about the international aid.

As the News Blender reported on Monday, resigned Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte, may have spoken too soon, in offering to resign after the withdrawal of support from the party The League.

Conte attended the G7 as Italy’s acting Prime Minister.

As the News Blender reported on Monday, America will host next years informal gathering of the G7, President Trump has hinted that the event next year will be held at Trump National Doral Miami golf resort.

spread that false and nasty rumor. Not nice!

The Miami Herald reported in January of 2017 that overnight guest Eric Linder had filed suit against the resort after having woke up covered in bedbug bites.

In a later article from March 2017 the Miami Herald reported that the lawsuit had be settled.

According to the March 2017 article, Linder, had stayed at the resort, in March of 2016, after a upstairs water pipe burst, he was moved to a Jack Nicklaus themed villa, where he received the bedbug bites.

He sued the resort for $15,000 for pain and suffering. The settlement amount was not disclosed. Linder did not comment.

According to court records, the resorts defense team wrote in response to the filed lawsuit, that Linder “conducted himself so carelessly and negligently that his conduct was the sole proximate cause [of the injuries].”

The article notes that the legal team did not offer an explanation how the bedbug bites were Linder’s fault.

President Trump as the News Blender reported on Monday, is very unhappy about his press coverage, again, it’s a feature not a bug, President Trump has a huge disdain for lack of love from media outlets.

As Daniel Dale notes in a separate tweet, there are bigger issues with the tweet from President Trump, but facts matter. Debunking President Trump’s lies, is as many know, a full time job.

He often repeats lies, like the 92 billion lie, so often people fail to debunk it. It has been debunked by several people, by Trump administration officials as well, but the facts matter.

As to the President Trump implying that money should = no more storms.

Will it ever end? He asked via tweet.


It’s weather.

It’s hurricane season.

Puerto Rico is an island off the gulf coast.

Money doesn’t change science.

Election 2020 yay us.


Nov. 2017.

April 2012.

Sept. 2012.

*End Flashback*

Tariffs = tax on the American importer and consumer.

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