Watch Live: President Trump Campaign Rally From Fayetteville, North Carolina

Donald Trump at Aston, PA. Photo by Michael Vadon.

It’s Time for another campaign rally.

This time President Trump is speaking ahead of the North Carolina special election that will be held on Tuesday.

Prior to departing from DC to Fayetteville, North Carolina, the President held a press gaggles with gathered reporters.

The President once again joked about extending his term through 2026.

Asked about his cancelled meeting with the Taliban at Camp David and if it was his advisers that talked him out of holding the meeting on U.S. soil just ahead of the 18th anniversary of 9-11.

The President said, “no, actually in terms of advisers I took my own advice,” [shocking I know].

He went on to say he likes the idea of meeting and has already met with a “lot of bad people,” adding he thinks meeting is a “great thing.”

He once again stated he will be prior to 2020 election releasing a complete financial report that “will be extremely complete.”

As the News Blender reported on Monday, a report from Friday explained that the House Oversight Committee has been since April, investigating how much tax payer money is being used to support Trump’s Turnberry Gold Resort located in Scotland.

Live Feed 1 Fox News.

Live Feed 2 PBS News Hour.

CNN Fact Checker Daniel Dale will be live tweeting fact checks of what is typically a 90 minute speech.

In fairness as Dale notes often, most of the claims the President makes in rally speeches have been made before, several, several, several times.

What we might hear new tonight?

How the fake news was obsessed with President Trump’s false warning to Alabama.

How if Obama had planned to meet with the Taliban to stop a war, he’d have been given another Nobel Peace Prize for just having the idea.

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