Happy Thanksgiving With a Side of Trump Tweets

Trump Tweets Logo. Image by Lenny Ghoul.

It’s Thursday.

It’s Day 65 of the Impeachment Inquiry. Congress is on recess for the Thanksgiving holiday.

I want to wish each one of you a very Happy Thanksgiving.

As many of you know my husband and I recently moved in with parents, so we could hopefully buy our first house. We are renters of the past, and on the horizon will be home owners, eventually.

I’m grateful that my parents were able to take me, the hubby, the six cats, the daughter, and the dog, into their home without much thought or even hesitation.

But, I know, you could totally sense the But coming.

But, here I am on Thanksgiving morning, feeling a bit displaced, not because I don’t have my new forever home, but simply because on Wednesday the day I call baking day, I was unable to bake at all.

My parents oven is broken and the new one isn’t due until just before Christmas, yesterday was this odd feeling day as if not being harassed by cooking timers, as if not beating eggs and filling pie tins, was something to be missed. Well, there it is, I missed it.

I missed the planning out what to cook first, I always start with the pumpkin pie, as it’s the messiest and has to cook at the highest temperature, I move on to cheese cake, the one that cooks slow, and finish off with my mom’s favorite peach cobbler, that the husband always says “doesn’t have enough cinnamon.”

I missed the mouth watering aroma’s of the cinnamon that my husband feels is lacking, it’s not, the man could eat a tub of cinnamon and not feel he had enough.

I’m so lame I even missed the cleaning up after each desert was placed in the oven. I realize that while the baking thing seems such a small thing to miss, it’s the tradition of that Wednesday baking that I missed the most.

So, while I skipped the Wednesday Thanksgiving Eve Baking Day, I’m still grateful and thankful to my parents for allowing my chaos to move in with their’s.

I’m still thankful and grateful for this corner of the internet where we gather together to discuss the important and non-important topics of the day and share, laughter, frustration, and even some tears of both sorrow and joy.

I’m still blessed beyond measure with a husband that loves me, a daughter that is healthy and happy, a son, a daughter-in-law, and three grandbabies, that bring joy and laughter.

The tradition was paused this year, but the gratefulness and the blessings abound.

The Thanksgiving Tweet.

The President so far has tweeted 1 time and re-tweeted twice.

The Retweet tweets.

The above was his first tweet for the day.

The above was his third tweet of the day.

I’m sensing a theme…

I again wish you my Blender family a very blessed and Happy Thanksgiving.

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