Trump Tweets His Travel Plans and Cancels a Presser

Trump Tweets Logo. Image by Lenny Ghoul.

It’s Wednesday.

It’s Day 71 of the Impeachment Inquiry. Currently the House Judiciary Committee is holding their first Impeachment Inquiry hearing following the release of the House Intelligence Committee’s “The Trump-Ukraine Impeachment Inquiry Report.”

For Wednesday the President has tweeted 5 times.

On Tuesday evening following a long day of disjointed pressers with NATO allies in London a video surfaced featuring some world leaders in which they appear (they are) to mock President Trump.

Earlier in the day French President Macron openly questioned President’s understanding of the fight against ISIS.

The President was asked about the video on Wednesday he called Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau “two-faced,” but added “honestly he’s a nice guy.”

This is not the first time that President Trump has taken issue with Trudeau. Following the G7 meeting in June of 2018 the President tweeted that Trudeau was “meek and mild.”

2014 then-businessman Trump’s opinion about U.S. Presidents mocked aboard.

The Cancelled Presser portion of the last tweet.

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