Trump Tweets, Retweets, and Retweets Some More For Wednesday’s Open Thread

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It’s Wednesday.

Day 78 of the Impeachment Inquiry is here.

There are only *14 more shopping days left until Christmas.

*I included today*

Currently happening on the Hill is a Senate Judiciary Committee Hearing regarding the Department of Justice Inspector General Report detailing the FBI’s handling of their investigation into four individuals connected to the campaign of President Trump.

So far for Wednesday the President of the United States of America has tweeted 3 times and retweeted 58 times.

Despite my headline I will not be covering the retweets. To view the retweets you can find them @realDonaldTrump.

As the News Blender reported on December 4th, President Trump tweeted that he was leaving the NATO Summit in London earlier than planned.

The abrupt departure of the President came as video surfaced of foreign leaders mocking President Trump.

As a reminder prior to this video surfacing during a bilateral meeting with French President Macron, Macron fact-checked President Trump to his face regarding ISIS.

And regarding Payne’s lamenting about how the leaders should focus on their own countries and not joke about our President. I refer you back to the retweets, the President in less than an hour retweeted almost 58 times. Almost all of his retweets were sent in less than an hour.

As a reminder the President of the United States has now called:
Republicans that do not support him, Democrats leading the Impeachment Inquiry, and the FBI, Human Scum.

As the News Blender reported on Tuesday House Democrats revealed two Articles of Impeachment against President Donald Trump regarding his pressure to the Ukrainian President demanding an announcement of an investigation into political rival former Vice President Joe Biden. Article two of the Articles of Impeachment focus on the President’s continued obstruction of Congressional oversight.

*Author climbs on Soap Box*

As a Senator Ted Cruz former supporter I can say this statement from him is political bullshit. Yeah, I said it, he’s lying about the process as it’s laid out in our Constitution and he is doing so willingly and knowing that he’s lying.

Impeachment is not a criminal matter if the House passes (they will) the Articles of Impeachment and it is sent to the Senate (it will be) the Senate will vote for removal or not, they will not vote to arrest the President for a “crime,” it’s not how Impeachment works.

The thing that burns me up the most, is that Ted Cruz promotes himself as a Constitutional expert, much like Mark Levin does, and both of them are willfully lying to their supporters and audience in order to impress President Trump? For money? For Power? All of the above?

I’m sick and tired of this crap. Seriously, tired of them lying on rinse and repeat, while they piss on the very document they swear they are experts in.

Our founding fathers were not perfect, however, they gave us a system, a government for the people by the people, with as much detail as was humanely possible, a Republic that stands for:

Freedom, from the Government.

Liberty from the Government.

Impeachment is our one avenue to remove a President that corrupts our founding, our country. Impeachment allows us the people to hold our leaders accountable for bad behavior, it does not allow us to convict them outside a court of law.

This is not about crime, it’s about abuse of power, using the Presidency as a means for political self gain, not for our countries gain. This is about a President, any President that believes they are a king or queen, above the accountability that our founding fathers detailed within our Constitution.

These so-called experts, namely Senator Cruz and radio show host Mark Levin, are doing more damage than any Democrat could dream of doing, because they are doing that damage using the very document they are pissing on to appoint Donald Trump King, and not the President of the United States.

*end rant*

On Tuesday Politico reported that a compromise defense spending bill has been reached. After months of negotiation.

According to the article the 738 billion defense policy bill includes, “a major expansion of military and federal worker benefits and creates a new Space Force sought by President Donald Trump.”

From the article:

the final fiscal 2020 National Defense Authorization Act excludes many top progressive national security priorities that House Democrats pushed for in their version of the bill — including limits on diverting military funding for a border wall with Mexico, protections for transgender troops, requiring congressional approval for war with Iran and withdrawing U.S. support from Yemen’s civil war.


If the defense budget is signed into law by President Trump it would grant the entire federal workforce 12 weeks of paid parental leave, and give troops a 3.1 percent pay raise.

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