Virginia Gun Rally Begins

Colt AR-15 Sporter (Upper, handle and rear sight) Lightweight rifle. Photo by Steve Rainwater.

A pro-second amendment rally has begun in Richmond, Virginia. The annual event has drawn extra attention this year because of political fearmongering.

Pro-gun individuals throughout the country have been told multiple lies about Virginia legislation, and those falsehoods have led to a national concern for gun rights in Virginia. An outright gun ban and door-to-door confiscation have been widely – and incorrectly – reported as being planned by the Governor and legislators.

There are instances of some Virginia politicians saying they would like for such things to happen. That does not equate to them actually being codified into law, nor are there any known plans for such laws to be enacted.

If the same phrasing were used about winning the lottery, the difference would be apparent to most. Many people have talked about “If I won the lottery…” but that has not equated to them receiving money.

There have been laws which have already progressed through the Legislature, which include limiting gun purchases to one per month and requiring universal background checks. These laws are expected to be challenged in court.

Pro-second amendment groups aligned with the Republican party have used the stated desires of the Democrats in Richmond to stoke nationwide fears and to hopefully tie the Republicans more firmly to the issue of “gun rights” prior to the 2020 election, in anticipation of some Democrats making statements in support of the second amendment while campaigning.

The President directly aided in the false attacks with a tweet recently.

Those fearmongering efforts have inspired tens of thousands more people to attend, and also inspired some racist groups to plan subordinate, potentially violent efforts within the yearly rally. The arrest drawing the greatest national attention was by the FBI, where three members of a white supremacist group known as “The Base” reportedly planned to attempt stoking a race war with violence.

As of this morning, there are many people walking around Richmond in favor of the second amendment. Some of the groups organizing the rally have asked that attendees not bring their guns, and the state government has temporarily expanded an existing ban in some key federal buildings to include the public streets immediately adjacent to them.

As of yet, no violence has been reported and it is a purely peaceful rally, despite people on both sides of the issue attending and speaking out. If any changes occur to that status, this thread will be updated.

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