Democratic Presidential Primary Debate

Voting United States. Photo by Tom Arthur.

On Friday Seven Democratic Presidential candidates take the stage in Manchester, New Hampshire.

The debate comes on the heels of Monday’s Iowa caucuses that face tech difficult in reporting the voting results.

The New York Times live-updates debate thread explains that Pete Buttigieg and Bernie Sanders are locked in a virtual tie following Iowa. As a result of the tech difficult seen in Iowa CNN Politics tweeted:

This will be the first debate since President Impeached, offered his State of the Union, was acquitted in Senate, held a celebration in our White House, and fired “Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman, the top Ukraine policy officer on the National Security Counsel — along with his twin brother Yevgeny, who was not an impeachment witness,” and U.S. Ambassador to the EU Gordon Sondland, Politico reported on Friday.

Friday’s Democratic Debate will be hosted by ABC News in partnership with Apple News and WMUR.

The Contenders:

Pete Buttigeg.
Bernie Sanders.
Elizabeth Warren.
Joe Biden.
Amy Klobuchar.
Andrew Yang.
Tom Steyer.

The Moderators:
From ABC:
George Stephanopoulos.
David Muir.
Linsey Davis.
From WMUR:
Adam Sexton.
Monica Hernandez.

This debate will be the last debate before New Hampshire holds their primary on Tuesday.

Live Feed ABC News. (Youtube Video).

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