Trump Tweets “VICTORY” for Thursday’s Open Thread

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On Wednesday as excepted and almost accepted the Senate failed to remove President Impeached from Office, rejecting the House’s Articles of Impeachment.

The Republicans voted not guilty on both counts, with the exception of one Republican Senator from Utah, former Governor, former Presidential candidate, Mitt Romney.

Romney the newly elected Senator of Utah offered his explanation as to why he believes President Impeached was guilty of Article I, Abuse of Power, and deserved to be removed as a result of his impeachable behavior.

Romney voted note guilty on Article II, Obstruction of Congress.

Following his acquittal in the Senate, President Impeached tweeted that he’d be making an public statement on Thursday at 12 p.m. eastern.

His first tweet following the acquittal was not the announcement of the statement…

I’m not sure the best move after having been cleared of Abuse of Power is to tweet out what can only be perceived as a want to be President for life, in meme form.

Now, the maker of the meme, Carpe Donktum, explained that the Trump Meme referred to President Trump, followed by all of President Impeached kids becoming President, in a row…I’m not sure that makes the tweet better or worse…I’ll let you be the judge.

Followed by both tweets he got around to blasting Romney for daring to stand by his Oath of Office, and make his own decision as to whether or not President Impeached was guilty or not guilty of the Articles of Impeachment presented to the Senate.

He wasn’t even original, he already used the Club For Growth video that states Romney is a “secret Democrat asset,” back in October 2019.

He followed some Wednesday retweets with bashing Romney as a “failed presidential candidate.”

Sometime during the tweets and retweets, he posted a tweet that simply read…

He quickly the deleted the tweet, but did not re-post it.

On Thursday ahead of his public statement the President spoke before the National Prayer Breakfast.


But still President Impeached…as Impeachment lasts forever.

In this clip at the bipartisan or non-partisan, whichever annual breakfast, the President takes a swipe at both Romney and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA).

“we can’t let that go on,” he adds, “and I’ll be discussing that a little bit later at the White House.”

For more clips @ Aaron Rupar.

So far for Thursday President Impeached has not tweeted or retweeted. That will change after he “discusses,” whatever the hell he means by “we can’t let that go on,” from our White House.

Prior to his announced the our Not Press Secretary offered a preview of President Impeached statement to his favorite, sometimes, network Fox News.

But but but he isn’t petty or vindictive…right, I hope Senator Susan Collins, can rest easy that President Impeached has learned his lesson, oh, that’s right, she only hopes now that he has learned his lesson. My eyes can’t roll hard enough.

Before President Impeached offers us his petty, angry, bitter, and vindictive VICTORY lap, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi spoke to the press. Her press conference comes after she meanly tore up the Impeached President’s State of the Union Address.

Our still not Press Secretary responded to Pelosi’s meanly worded words about President Impeached terrible State of the Union Address.

Positive plan for our country…LOL.

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Washington Post.


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