Watch Live: Senate Impeachment Trial, Day 13

U.S. Capitol at Dusk September 2013. Photo by Martin Falbisoner.

Senators will continue to deliver speeches regarding the two Articles of Impeachment against the Impeached President, Donald J. Trump, on Tuesday for day 13 of the Impeachment Trial. Each Senator will have up to 10 minutes for their remarks.

CNN Live Updates on Impeachment reported that the final vote from the Senate is expected to come on Wednesday, the day after President Impeached offers his State of the Union address. The vote is expected at 4 p.m. eastern time.

Highlights from Tuesday Day 12.

Prior to the Senators taking the floor to offer their thoughts on removing the President from Office, the House Impeachment Managers and President Impeached Defense Team delivered their closing arguments to the Senate and the American people.

President Impeached Defense Team.

The House Managers.

To view House Impeachment Manager lead, Adam Schiff’s (D-CA), full remarks, you can do so, here. I encourage everyone to take the 25 minutes to listen to his closing remarks.

Live Feed Washington Post.

Live Feed C-SPAN 2.

Live Feed NBC News.

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