Coronavirus Around The World

Boris Johnson, official Estonian photo

Boris Johnson, Prime Minister of the UK, has tested positive for coronavirus, as has the UK Health Secretary, Matt Hancock.

This revelation comes only two days after the news that Prince Charles has contracted the disease, and has fueled further concerns for the health of the Queen.

In Israel, Benny Gantz has reportedly agreed to take a subordinate role as Speaker of the Knesset in a joint government with Benjamin Netanyahu, after more than a year of contentious elections and an ongoing effort by Netanyahu to use the Prime Minister position to avoid prosecution and possible incarceration on felony charges. The reason for the change of heart is the need to address the coronavirus effects on Israel, and the fear that continued governmental division would lead to more deaths.

The current number of confirmed cases in Israel is 3035, but they have limited deaths to only eleven. Israel is experiencing an enforced lockdown, with citizens disallowed from public areas including nature preserves. They are releasing some prisoners to ease overcrowding, but are putting them on monitored house arrest; only nonviolent criminals with no history of domestic abuse or sexual assault are eligible.

In Wuhan province, China, the government has allowed funeral services to resume and graveyards to be visited, indicating a belief that the area has their coronavirus outbreak under control. According to the South China Morning Post, China on Monday allowed eight funeral homes and multiple public cemeteries to open in an effort to allow burials of the dead to resume.

This has caused questions about the accuracy of official Chinese death toll reports. Photos of deliveries of funerary urns from Wuhan crematoriums showed thousands more urns than there were deaths reported from the virus.

In an indication of how seriously many countries are taking their quarantines, a 28 year-old man in Argentina was arrested for walking on public streets “hunting Pokemon” on his telephone. Wenjie Xue, an Argentinian of Chinese origin, was tracked down by security forces after someone saw him walking alone in Buenos Aires on Tuesday, March 24.

His case has been assigned to Federal Court, but it is unlikely to be processed before the mandatory quarantine, currently scheduled to end on March 31, has been completed.

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