Not-So-Super Tuesday Primary Result Thread – FINAL UPDATE

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My fingers hurt after last week. This week, it should be easier… only five national candidates left for the Republicans and Democrats combined, for the Presidential nod!

Tonight, Bill Weld and Tulsi Gabbard are expected to be effectively no-shows for polling numbers. Weld supporters have put up surprisingly good numbers, though, for a campaign that lacks money to advertise and gets virtually no recognition of its existence on the traditional Republican news outlets. His limited success is reasonably seen to be as much of a rebuke of Trump as any appreciation for Weld’s history and policies. Gabbard, on the other hand, is reaping a benefit for being the only person left in the race who is not a white male over age 70.

Polling for the Democrat nomination has been decisively favoring Biden, with the exception of Washington state; that was firmly in Bernie’s camp, but has shifted in recent days into a toss-up, with polls showing Biden to have a chance of winning there tonight.

Coronavirus fears will likely keep some more casual voters from venturing to the polls, but primaries attract those who follow politics closely. The Democrat nomination is shaping up to be a battle between the activists who want wholesale, immediate change of the American system and those whose first goal is to remove Trump. The voting numbers will give a strong indication of where the momentum is in the Democrat base.

So, let’s see how things shake out, and as always, keeping others abreast of events in the comment thread is very much encouraged. Updates will happen irregularly through the night.

IDAHO (100% reporting)

Democrat: Joe Biden 48.9%; Bernie Sanders 42.5%; Tulsi Gabbard 0.8%

Republican: Donald Trump 94.5%; Bill Weld 2.0%

MICHIGAN (100% reporting)

Democrat: Joe Biden 52.9%; Bernie Sanders 36.4%; Tulsi Gabbard 0.6%

Republican: Donald Trump 93.7%; Bill Weld 1.0%

MISSISSIPPI (100% reporting)

Democrat: Joe Biden 81.1%; Bernie Sanders 14.8%; Tulsi Gabbard 0.4%

Republican: Donald Trump 98.6%; Bill Weld 0.9%

SENATE – Democrat: Tobey Bartee 4.1%; Jensen Bohren 2.7%; Mike Espy 93.1%

HOUSE 2 – Democrat: Sonia Rathburn 6.0%; Bennie Thompson 94.0%

HOUSE 2 – Republican: Thomas Carey & Brian Flowers in runoff

HOUSE 3 – Democrat: Dorothy Benford 64.0%; Katelyn Lee 36.0%

HOUSE 3 – Republican: Michael Guest 89.8%; James Tulp 10.2%

HOUSE 4 – Republican: Carl Boyanton 9.3%; Robert Deming 14.1%; Samuel Hickman 9.8%; Steven Palazzo 66.8%

MISSOURI (100% reporting)

Democrat: Joe Biden 60.1%; Bernie Sanders 34.6%; Tulsi Gabbard 0.7%

Republican: Donald Trump 96.8%; Bill Weld 0.7%

NORTH DAKOTA (100% reporting)

Democrat: Joe Biden 39.8%; Bernie Sanders 53.3%; Tulsi Gabbard 0.6%

Republican: Donald Trump 29 delegates

WASHINGTON (94% reporting)

Democrat: Joe Biden 37.8%; Bernie Sanders 35.8%; Tulsi Gabbard 0.9%

Republican: Donald Trump 43 delegates

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