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It’s Wednesday aka Hump Day.

For Hump Day President Impeached has tweeted 4 times and retweeted 9 times so far.

Looking back at how President Impeached tweeted for Not So-Super Tuesday.

To conclude Tuesday’s tweeting President Impeached tweeted 10 times with 9 of those tweets focused on Not So-Super Tuesday.

For his non-Primary election tweet President Impeached posted a video clip of himself addressing reporters from Capitol Hill.

To review the words used in the 5:13 regarding the upcoming stimulus package @ The White House.

To summarize, he spends most of the time, talking about how great he is and his admin has been in response to the coronavirus outbreak.

He moves on to beg for voters to support Republicans during Tuesday’s primary.

He deleted his original tweet…

But as we say often enough, the internet is forever…

Yeah, best ever when our Federal Government keeps using tax payer funds to fund private businesses. #Winning.

As a reminder on Tuesday President Impeached and the Republicans are working on a stimulus package aka a bailout for industries impacted by the rapid spread of the coronavirus.

He then moves on to thank Mississippi, Missouri, Michigan, for supporting him in Tuesday’s primary election.

President Impeached then endorses Tommy Tuberville…

Tuberville is running in a runoff against former Senator, former Attorney General, and first Senate supporter of President Impeached, Jeff Sessions.

Sessions responded…

In November of 2019, Sessions announced his intent to run once again for his former Senate seat in Alabama.

The day after Super Tuesday, President Impeached weighed-in on Sessions inability to gain majority support during the primary forcing a runoff.

After endorsing Tuberville, President Impeached goes back to thanking primary voters.

President Impeached moves on to blame Senator Elizabeth Warren for Senator Bernie Sanders’ not beating former Vice President Joe Biden in yesterday’s primary elections.

Pocahontas was a real person. The term used to mock Warren for claiming Native American heritage was Fauxcahontas, the word Faux signals that something is fake.

After accusing the DNC of hurting Sanders he turns back to thanking the state of Idaho.

He leaves election night behind to focus on self-praise…shocking no one really…

FYI: Vanity Fair was founded in 1913.

I believe it’s this Vanity Fair article that raised the ire of President Impeached.

The article relating to the coronavirus outbreak explains that while President Impeached attempts to downplay the crisis, privately he’s terrified of getting the virus.

As Trump pushes a nothing-to-see-here message in public, sources said he’s privately terrified about getting the virus. “Donald is a famous germaphobe. He hates it if someone is eating nachos and dips a chip back in after taking a bite. He calls them ‘double dippers,’” a prominent Republican said. Former Trump aide Sam Nunberg recalled Trump’s response to the last major outbreak in 2014. “When I worked for Trump, he was obsessed with Ebola,” Nunberg told me. (One Mar-a-Lago guest disputed this and said Trump was handshaking with gusto this past weekend. “He was acting like the opposite of a germaphobe,” the source said.)

Stories about Trump’s coronavirus fears have spread through the White House. Last week Trump told aides he’s afraid journalists will try to purposefully contract coronavirus to give it to him on Air Force One, a person close to the administration told me. The source also said Trump has asked the Secret Service to set up a screening program and bar anyone who has a cough from the White House grounds. “He’s definitely melting down over this,” the source said.

Vanity Fair. 03/09/20.

Vanity Fair responded to President Impeached tweet…

There is another article in which Vanity Fair published on Tuesday that asks, IS TRUMP DOWNPLAYING THE CORONAVIRUS TO PROTECT HIS PROPERTIES FROM AN ECONOMIC HIT?

From the article, which reads very much like an opinion piece.

As reporters Bernard Condon and Jonathan Lemire noted, an estimated $50 billion a month could be lost globally if tourism and travel continue to suffer as people avoid straying too far from their homes. While an alleged “firewall” exists between Trump and the for-profit company he owns, that’s obviously just for show and not a great show at that. The president routinely talks up his properties in the press, uses them to host foreign leaders, and, according to his son Eric, receives quarterly updates on how the business is faring. As the virus snaked around the globe, the president was slow, per the AP, to “embrace federal recommendations against the elderly boarding airplanes or passengers traveling on cruise ships,” which could simply be a matter of him characteristically having no idea what he’s doing, or it could be a reticence to do anything that might hurt his bottom line. Or maybe a bit of both!

Vanity Fair. 03/10/2020.

In the there is always a tweet(s) file.

This is not the first tweet that President Impeached predicted the shutting down of Vanity Fair.

Oct. 3rd, 2011.

Feb., 8th, 2012.

Tweet con’t: completely lost its “buzz.” It’s time for Graydon Carter to go retire and perhaps focus on his failing restaurants.

April 2012 was popular for President Impeached then-businessman Trump, to attack the magazine.

Tweet con’t: it’s no longer hot. With the third rate stalkers they have hired to save costs, they are destroying the brand. They should go back to the old days—- meaning real professionals.

May, 24th, 2013.

I did not read the article, given time issues, but I did lol at the headline.

December 2013, a very popular month to attack Vanity Fair.

December 10th, 2013.

December 13th, 2013.

March 2014, only 2 tweets for that year, according to Trump Twitter Archive using the words Vanity Fair to search the stored tweets.

With the tweet from today, there is only one other tweet attacking Vanity Fair while President.

I do believe these tweets are the first consistent attack tweets, versus the standard said nice things about and now while President attack tweets.

Happened on the Hill was an Oversight Committee hearing regarding the coronavirus outbreak. The hearing is 2 hours long, it was scheduled to last until 1 p.m. D.C. time, however, the witnesses were told to report to the White House at noon D.C. time.

Dr. Anthony Fauci explained to the Committee that in comparison to the flu the coronavirus was 10 times more lethal. Fauci made the same points last night while speaking to Fox News host Sean Hannity.

Also happening now:

This post will be updated within reason.

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