Trump Tweets: It’s Monday’s Open Thread

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It’s Monday.

President Impeached for Monday has tweeted 4 times so far.

President Impeached says reports are wrong the OPEC will be cutting oil production by 10 million barrels in fact, it’s 20 million.

On March 9th…

Market Watch reported on Sunday, that OPEC, Russia, and other nations “finalized an unprecedented production cut of nearly 10 million barrels, or a tenth of global supply, in hopes of boosting crashing prices amid the coronavirus pandemic and a price war, officials said.”

Who are the officials that said it was 9.7 million barrels well:

Mexico’s Energy Minister Rocio Nahle tweeted:

Twitter translate: Mexico appreciates all the support of the countries ⁦ @OPECSecretariat ⁩ at today’s extraordinary meeting. The unanimous agreement of the 23 participating countries will start a reduction in the oil rig of 9.7 million barrels from May.

OPEC tweeted a statement:

Number 2 from the statement:

Adjust downwards their overall crude oil production by 9.7 mb/d, starting on 1 May 2020, for an initial period of two months that concludes on 30 June 2020. For the subsequent period of 6 months, from 1 July 2020 to 31 December 2020, the total adjustment agreed will be 7.7 mb/d. It will be followed by a 5.8 mb/d adjustment for a period of 16 months, from 1 January 2021 to 30 April 2022. The baseline for the calculation of the adjustments is the oil production of October 2018, except for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and The Russian Federation, both with the same baseline level of 11.0 mb/d. The agreement will be valid until 30 April 2022, however, the extension of this agreement will be reviewed during December 2021.

OPEC. 04/12/2020.

But but but it’s really 20, but no worries, as long as it’s close, say that 9.7 million cut, President Impeached is still right, according to the metrics in his good brain.

He moves on to explain that reporting that says he does not have the legal authority to lift States of Emergency are “incorrect.”

Apparently President Impeached was watching CNN and live tweeted his incorrect statement that he is responsible for when State’s reopen.

In Friday’s rally President Impeached announced that he would on Tuesday announce a second task force focused on reopening the economy.

Some familiar faces responses to the Impeached President’s King like tweet.

Authors note: Over the weekend, specifically on Sunday, the “I don’t take responsibility all,” Impeached President melted down on Twitter. As there is every chance several of those tweets will spark presser questions, I will be highlighting some of the more stupid and lame ones in that thread, posted later today.

This post might be updated.

This is an Open Thread.

As of 9:06 CA time, John Hopkins reported that there are now 558,999 cases of the coronaviurs in the U.S.. 22,154 people have died as result of the disease, while 42,009 people are said to be in total recovery.

Note that in order to find that data, you now have to click the recovered tab next to the deaths tab. Hopkins is now tracking testing by state.

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