Watch Live: President Trump Holds a Press Briefing 07/14/2020

White House Rose Garden March 17,2020. Photo By Andrea Hanks.

President Busy-Busy Stirring the Pot is expected to address the media and American people at 5 p.m. D.C. time.

It’s unknown at this time what Pot exactly President Shit Stirrer will be stirring this evening.

He could brag about the first federal execution since 2003.

Is he going to brag about his daughter Ivanka Trump’s new program called “Find Something”

Is he going to address the major Admin reversal on allowing foreign students in America on students visas to remain in the U.S., even if their schools switch to full on-line learning during the cronavirus pandemic?

Will he be announcing an EO regarding schools opening up in the “fall,” for in-person learning versus on-line?

Will he be addressing the feud, created by Team Trump members and the CDC officials like Dr. Fauci?

Is this simply his way of getting air-time on the heels of the former Vice President Joe Biden’s address in regards to his plan for economic recovery?

We can assume with almost a 99.9 percent certainty he will not be addressing the denied bail of Ghislaine Maxwell.

It’s a mystery, whatever it is, you can bet two things, one, he’ll start late, and two, nothing he says is going to fix whatever he thinks it will.

Mystery might be solved, according to NBC News the press campaign rally will be relating to China…

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It’s unclear at this time if President Impeached will be taking questions, it appears he took 11 questions yesterday during the White House event regarding Stakeholders positively impacted by law enforcement.

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