Democratic Presidential Candidate Joe Biden Picks Running-Mate

Vice President Joe Biden 08/09/2019. Photo by Gage Skidmore.

After months of speculation former Vice President Joe Biden presumptive Democratic Presidential 2020 candidate has announced his running-mate.

And the winner is…

Biden’s wife Dr. Jill Biden welcomed Harris’ husband Douglas Emhoff to the national spotlight.

Emhoff wasted no time tweeting his support.

Biden’s team issued a statement shortly after the announcement was made.

President Trump wasted no time in welcoming Harris to the Biden ticket.

The ad plays saying that she’s going to raise taxes to trillions of dollars and giving her the nickname Phony Kalama and calling Biden “slow Biden.”

For What It’s Worth:

I’m treating this as a news story which is how come Dummy doesn’t have a nickname, however, can I just say two things.

One: I really don’t like this whole political social media stuff.

Two: Phony Kalama and Slow Biden, are really pathetic nicknames and worse coming from the sitting President begging for Four More Years!

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