Recap of President Trump’s Lies to the Press 08/11/2020

President a cave.

President Lying Liar that Lies held another press briefing on Tuesday. Surprisingly this one started only a few minutes past the announced time of 5:30 p.m. D.C. time.

For some reason he has deleted his tweet announcing his evening campaign rally.

There isn’t much point to posting a bunch of highlights, it was short and just basically crap.

The campaign event, pretty much went as follows.

He came out bashed liberals, lied about how great his admin has handled the coronavirus, after which he took what were obviously planted questions from reporters, that CBS News Paula Reid, called nicer names than I did while I was listening live.

He was of course asked about the recent announcement that Senator Kalama Harris (D-CA) has been picked as former Vice President Joe Biden’s 2020 Presidential campaign running mate.

The clip starts with him accusing former President Obama of spying on his campaign, which they did not do, he finally focuses on Harris where he calls her nasty, and shares that he was shocked Biden picked her.

I agree with Daniel Dale, that today, was awful. There really isn’t much to provide in the way of content because he honestly provided little content.

He did call his executive order an executive offer, which he corrected afterward. He also lies that the recently signed executive order would prevent people from being evicted in September. (33:51).

I will check the White House transcript to see how many times he called Harris “nasty,” but typically those aren’t posted until late at night or first thing the next morning.

Full Presser.

Shortly after his presser President Low Energy announced that he’d once again be interviewed by super-duper fan Sean Hannity.

Hang on kids, with daily briefings appearing to be a new thing he is doing, I imagine we (I am, lol) in for a rough two and half ish months before election day.

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