Trump Tweets “Who Gave You Me!,” for Thursday’s Open Thread

Trump Tweets Logo. Image by Lenny Ghoul.

It’s Thursday aka Steve Bannon was Arrested and Charged with a Crime Day.

For Steve Bannon was Arrested and Charged with a Crime Day President I Only Hire the Best Criminals!, has tweeted 7 times and retweeted 13 times so far.

Before we dive into the President’s Drivel for Thursday, here is a quick recap of his response to Day 3 of the Democratic National Convention.

Just prior to former President Obama’s remarks on Wednesday President Trying to Hold it Together tweeted:

David Asman is a Fox News contributor.

President Triggered was triggered part way through former President Obama’s remarks posting two all caps tweets, plus a video of his presser from Wednesday were he attacked the Obama administration. It was the same presser where he endorsed the QAnon movement.

In his second tweet:

Number of former President’s that have endorsed Joe Biden: 1

Number of former President’s that have endorsed Donald Trump: 0.

Full Obama speech.

Still watching the Democratic National Convention with cap-locks stuck to on, he shouts out while Senator Kamala Harris offered her acceptance as Biden’s running-mate.

Full Harris speech.

Still Triggered he posts one more video.

We’ve now reached Thursday morning, where President So Very Triggered once again talks shit about a dead man.

Hope they were happy with OBiden, who gave you me!

When all else fails blame Obama…

This kind of tweet is how come I remain now and forever #NeverTrump.

President Snowflakes Melt Less moves on to bash Twitter trends.

Currently Trending:

  1. Steve Bannon being arrested for fraud and money laundering.
  2. We Build the Wall (see trend 1).
  3. SDNY (see trend 1).
  4. #NationalRadioDay.
  5. #TrumpMeltDown.
  6. #ThursdayThoughts.
  7. #BannonIndicted.
  8. #ThursdayMotivation.
  9. USPIS (see trend 1.)
  10. Clinton Foundation.

Twitter trends work on how many tweets are being sent using either a keyword or hashtag. They change throughout the day. It’s not out to get Triggered, he just happens to be connected to a lot of crazy ass shit. Maybe he should catch a clue, but he won’t.

President Butthurt moves on to campaigning against Biden by posting a video.

December 3rd, 2018.

President Propaganda moved on to thank someone that said nice things about him.

After the arrest and charges announced against former President Hires the Best People, Steve Bannon he tweeted three times.

The White House has issued a statement regarding the arrest of Bannon.

Speaking from the Oval Office, President I Don’t Know Nobody said:

He feels badly, he hasn’t been dealing with him for a long time. He says when he read about the private wall project, he didn’t like it, he said he thought it was “showboating.”

One of those involved with the project but not indicted on Thursday said in a January 2019 interview that the Lying Liar that Lies, told him, that he endorsed the project of a privately funded wall effort adding, “and you can tell the media that.”

President Lying Liar that Lies says in the same clip posted above when asked what it says about his judgement that several members of his orbit have been indicted or convicted of crimes, that there was great lawlessness in the Obama administration saying “they spied on my campaign.” They didn’t spy on his campaign.

For what it’s worth.

He continues to post videos.

This post might be updated.

This is an Open Thread.

In other news:

President Really Bad at His Job, was asked about the ruling during his Oval Office Press event.

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