Dueling Town Halls

Donald Trump and Joe Biden. Photos by Gage Skidmore. Image by Lenny Ghoul.

It’s debate day!

No it’s not.

Yes it is.

Okay, it’s not. But it should be. A debate was scheduled, but President Trump admitted developing COVID-19 and, after dozens of people who worked in the White House or were in close quarters with the President came down with the virus the Commission on Presidential Debates decided that the second Presidential showdown should be held remotely.

President Trump, concerned about his mic being cut off when he wanted to be interrupting and attacking his opponent, refused to participate in an actual debate. This left only Biden as the attendee.

Afterward, Trump realized he’d just handed his opponent a long-duration free commercial with no counterprogramming. He successfully pressed NBC to provide him with a similar town hall format to himself, in the hopes of diverting attention from Biden.

This is not to say Trump hasn’t wreaked damage as a result. In typical Trump fashion, he began publicly attacking the planned moderator of the second debate, Steve Scully, the long-time C-Span anchor. Scully, uncertain of how to deal with the irrational and aggressive attacks (and the threats from Trump sycophants which accompanied them), contacted Trump’s former communications director Anthony Scaramucci seeking advice on weathering the storm. He did so publicly, via Twitter, in error. Afterward he claimed his account had been hacked… but that was not true. Following the revelations of his lying to cover up his mistake, he has been placed on indefinite leave by C-Span.

Trump jumped on the news:

Of course, Trump is lying about the debate being “rigged”. Sorry, the Debate being “Rigged”… or maybe the dEbaTe beINg “RigGeD”. It’s hard to tell with him. All that happened was that someone being attacked reached out to someone else who had been attacked to ask guidance in how to deal with it… but Trump is not noted for having a firm grasp on the truth. Or reality. Or water glasses.

Anyway, here are the links for today’s town halls. Watch whichever you prefer at any given time. Sorry for them not being imbedded, but Youtube is being prickly tonight.



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