Vice Presidential Debate – Pence / Harris

Mike Pence and Kamala Harris. Photos by Gage Skidmore. Image by Lenny Ghoul.

It’s time for the second of… at least two debates. There are two more debates scheduled, both between President Trump and former Vice President Biden, but they may be sidelined due to Presidential pestilence.

The VP debate promises to draw more attention than is typical, for a few reasons: there are valid concerns this may be the last debate of the season; the first Presidential debate was derailed by Trump constantly interrupting with a result of comparatively little policy being discussed, and some people are curious about issues; many are uncertain about Trump’s viability after COVID-19 and wish to assess Pence’s competency; and social media rumors about Biden’s health have some curious about Harris’s policy and viability.

Susan Page, the Washington bureau chief of USA Today, will be the moderator.

Despite the spotlight, both candidates should be expected to fulfill the usual role of a Vice President, and that is to promote their respective Presidential candidate’s policy and image rather than their own. This is likely to result in Pence attempting to be aggressive with his rhetoric and Harris being diplomatic until attacked, then responding in kind…. basically, the same stances staked out by Trump and Biden in the first debate, but without the rudeness the President demonstrated.

As far as how well Trump performed in the prior meeting, here’s a video Weird Al and the Schmoyoho crew (Songify This) did last week. Note Trump mocking Biden for not wearing a mask, even as he may have already already tested positive.

As always, we would like to facilitate any comments by providing you with some links to venues which are livestreaming the debate.

ABC will have pre-debate discussion and likely some post-debate commentary. They should be live by the time this article drops:

CSPAN is consistently the best for unbiased coverage. They just set up the cameras and let them roll. That usually means they don’t have much to say before or after the debate, though:

So, there’s that… enjoy yourselves with what may be the only sane, if still annoying, debate of the year.

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