Watch Live: Judge Jackson’s Confirmation Hearing: Day 1

Official portrait of Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson. Photo by H2rty.

As explained in Sunday’s Afternoon Open Thread, Monday marks the first day of the Senate Judiciary Committee’s Confirmation hearing of Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson.

Judge Jackson was nominated on February 25th, 2022, by President Biden to fill the vacancy left by retiring Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer.

Day 1; the getting to know you session where both Committee Members and Judge Jackson will have 10 minutes to make opening remarks. Her introduction to the Senate will take place by outside witnesses who will have 5 minutes to speak.

CNN reported on Monday that Judge Jackson; will be introduced by Judge Thomas Griffith, formerly of the US Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit, and Lisa Fairfax, a professor at the University of Pennsylvania Carey Law School.

President Biden has offered his support via Twitter:

The video clip is 49 seconds long. It features b-roll footage of her meeting with President Biden in the Oval Office on February 25th, 2022, the day he announced her as his Supreme Court Justice nominee. The text comes from their remarks at that announcement.

President Biden: You know, four weeks ago, when a member of the Court — a friend of mine; we used to work together in the Senate — Justice Stephen Breyer, announced his retirement, I said then choosing someone to serve on the United States Supreme Court is one of the most serious constitutional responsibilities a President has.  And I mean it. I promised the process would be rigorous, that I would select a nominee worthy of Justice Breyer’s legacy of excellence and decency — someone extremely qualified, with a brilliant legal mind, with the utmost character and integrity, which are equally as important.

Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson: Judge Motley’s life and career has been a true inspiration to me as I have pursued this professional path.  And if I am fortunate enough to be confirmed as the next Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States, I can only hope that my life and career, my love of this country and the Constitution, and my commitment to upholding the rule of law and the sacred principles upon which this great nation was founded will inspire future generations of Americans. 

The above was President Biden’s first tweet for Monday all other tweets, even those regarding the Confirmation hearing of Judge Jackson will be shared in Biden Bits noon open thread.

The hearing is scheduled to start at 11:00 a.m. D.C., time. Live feeds start times may vary.

Live Feeds: 

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C-SPAN has additional places to watch the Senate hearing:

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