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When Biden Bits was posted for Friday, President Biden had tweeted 1 time. He added 10 tweets giving him a Friday Tweeting Total of 11 tweets and 0 retweets.

It was Jobs Report Friday

The YouTube is 33 minutes and 42 seconds long. His full remarks can be found here.

President Biden: These small firms are the foundation of America’s industrial base.  And increasing their capacity — which these big businesses are doing as well — is critical to making more things in America, getting products faster and cheaper and reliably, and outcompeting the rest of the world.  That’s what it’s about.

President Biden: But here’s the deal: 3D printing technology — 3D printing technology is incredible.  It can reduce the parts lead times by as much as 90 percent — not always, but as much as 90 percent — slash material cost by 90 percent, and cut energy use in half. That all helps to lower the cost of making goods here in America. But not all small- and medium-sized firms have access to the resources and financing and support they need to adapt these — to this technology, until today.

President Biden: The executives here today have agreed to launch a new compact between large iconic manufacturers and smaller American suppliers. A commitment by these large companies to help those smaller ones adapt new technologies so we can continue to be the leading exporter of aircrafts and engines and in areas like medical devices, clean energy technologies, and so much more. Look, our hope is that the compact will grow with more companies and expand into different industries.  And as part of this initiative, agencies across the federal government — all across the federal government — are going to step up with access to loans, technical assistance, and so much more, including education.

President Biden: Today’s jobs report shows our plans and priorities have produced the strongest job creation the econ- — in the modern times of the American economy.

The video is 48 seconds long. It was taken on Thursday when President Biden crashed a meeting hosted by Vice President Harris.

President Biden: I came to organize this group. When I ran for president, I made a commitment that I’d be the most pro-labor union president in the history of America. And I followed through on that so far. And this is something that the Vice President and I thought about from the very beginning.

Vice President Harris: Everybody around the world is going to know, if they don’t already, that you’re at the White House right now, sitting next to the President of the United States. It’s a big signal that’s sending.

President Biden: Everybody’s entitled to be treated with dignity. And my dad used to say, sometimes you have to demand it if you don’t get it. And the way you demand it is you organize. So that you get everybody else in the deal.

The White House posted the following readout; Task Force on Worker Organizing and Empowerment Meeting with Grassroots Worker Organizers

Today, Vice President Kamala Harris and Labor Secretary Marty Walsh held a roundtable discussion with a diverse group of young, grassroots worker organizers to discuss their extraordinary efforts to organize unions in their workplaces, and how their efforts can inspire workers across the country to make the choice to join or organize a union. The roundtable was led by the Task Force on Worker Organizing and Empowerment, which the Vice President chairs with Secretary Walsh as vice-chair.

President Biden stopped by the discussion and thanked the worker organizers for their leadership in organizing unions, the inspiration they offer to workers across the country who may want to organize, and their contributions to the worker organizing momentum that is growing across the country.

Vice President Harris and Secretary Walsh listened to the worker organizers tell the stories of why they and their co-workers organized unions in their workplaces and how they did it. Among other things, the workers talked about fair pay, paid leave and health care benefits, their commitment to co-workers, and the desire for basic dignity and respect as important motivators for their organizing efforts. They also described some of the anti-union tactics deployed by some of the employers. The Vice President and Secretary Walsh reaffirmed that the Biden-Harris Administration is the most pro-union administration in history, and reiterated that worker power is at the core of this administration’s economic vision to rebuild the economy from the bottom up and middle out. As we experience an historically strong labor market recovery, Vice President Harris and Secretary Walsh underscored that all workers must benefit and get the dignity and respect they deserve in the workplace. 
The attendees represented a wide range of industries with grassroots union organizing efforts, from warehousing to animation to retail.

Attendees included Vice President Harris, Secretary Walsh, Christian Smalls, Amazon Labor Union, Laura Garza, Starbucks Workers United/Starbucks, Alex Speidel, United Paizo Workers/CWA, Rachel Gitlevich, Titmouse productions/IATSE, Jaimie Caldwell, Baltimore Public Library/IAM, and Damien Sowell, REI/UFCW-RWDSU.

White 05/05/2022.

His full statement:

Today, the United States is continuing our strong support for the brave people of Ukraine as they defend their country against Russia’s ongoing aggression. I am announcing another package of security assistance that will provide additional artillery munitions, radars, and other equipment to Ukraine.

The United States has provided a historic amount of security assistance to Ukraine at rapid speed. We are sending the weapons and equipment that Congress has authorized directly to the front lines of freedom in Ukraine. U.S. support, together with the contributions of our Allies and partners, has been critical in helping Ukraine win the battle of Kyiv and hinder Putin’s war aims in Ukraine.

With today’s announcement, my Administration has nearly exhausted funding that can be used to send security assistance through drawdown authorities for Ukraine. For Ukraine to succeed in this next phase of war its international partners, including the U.S., must continue to demonstrate our unity and our resolve to keep the weapons and ammunition flowing to Ukraine, without interruption. Congress should quickly provide the requested funding to strengthen Ukraine on the battlefield and at the negotiating table.

White 05/06/2022.

The video is 1 minute and 9 seconds long. Its a clip from Meet the Press which aired on May 6th, 2012.

David Gregory: You know, the President has said that his views on gay marriage, on same sex marriage have evolved–but he’s opposed to it. You’re opposed to it. Have your views evolved?

Then-Vice President Biden: Look, I just think that good news is that as more and more Americans come to understand what this is all about is a simple proposition–who do you love? Who do you love? And will you be loyal to the person you love? And that’s what people are finding out is what, what all marriages at their root are about. Whether they’re marriage of lesbians or gay men or heterosexuals.

David Gregory: Is that what you believe now?

Then-Vice President Biden: That’s what I believe.

David Gregory: And you’re comfortable with same sex marriage now?

Then-Vice President Biden: I, look–I am Vice President of the United States of America. The President sets the policy. I am absolutely comfortable with the fact that men marrying men, women marrying women, and heterosexual men and women marrying men and women are all entitled to the same exact rights, all the civil rights, all the civil liberties. And quite frankly, I don’t see much of a distinction beyond that.

Saturday’s Tweeting Total is 3 tweets and 0 retweets.

It’s a 16 second video of the White House dog being adorable.

From April’s Jobs Report: Total nonfarm payroll employment increased by 428,000 in April, and the unemployment rate was unchanged at 3.6 percent, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today. Job growth was widespread, led by gains in leisure and hospitality, in manufacturing, and in transportation and warehousing.

The video is 58 seconds long. It’s taken from remarks he gave on May 3rd, 2022.

President Biden: The United States used to own the innovation field.  In fact, it was a Department of [Defense] research program that established DARPA.  It was the first development of an anti-tank missile with advanced infrared guidance systems that culminated in today’s Javelin. The Bipartisan Innovation Act is going to help reverse decades-long decline in federal research and development investment.  And it should create [jobs] and support entire families, and expand U.S. manufacturing and strengthen our national security. Where in God’s name is it written that the United States can no longer be a leading manufacturer in the world? We’ve created, just in the last 17 months, 465,000 permanent manufacturing jobs in America.  We have the best workers, the most competent employees, the best science in the world. And by funding the CHIPS Act, we’re going to ensure the semiconductors that power the economy and our national security are made here in America again. 

Sunday’s Tweeting Total is 3 tweets and 0 retweets.

The White House posted the G7 Leaders statement:

  1. Today, on 8 May, we, the Leaders of the Group of Seven (G7), alongside Ukraine and the wider global community, commemorate the end of the Second World War in Europe and the liberation from fascism and the National Socialist reign of terror, which caused immeasurable destruction, unspeakable horrors and human suffering. We mourn the millions of victims and offer our respect, especially to all those who paid the ultimate price to defeat the National Socialist regime, including the western Allies and the Soviet Union.
  2. Seventy-seven years later, President Putin and his regime now chose to invade Ukraine in an unprovoked war of aggression against a sovereign country. His actions bring shame on Russia and the historic sacrifices of its people. Through its invasion of and actions in Ukraine since 2014, Russia has violated the international rules-based order, particularly the UN Charter, conceived after the Second World War to spare successive generations from the scourge of war.
  3. Today, we were honoured to be joined by Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelenskyy. We assured him of our full solidarity and support for Ukraine’s courageous defence of its sovereignty and territorial integrity, and its fight for a peaceful, prosperous and democratic future within its internationally recognised borders, with the liberties and freedoms that so many of us enjoy today.
  4. President Zelenskyy underlined the strong resolve of Ukraine to protect its sovereignty and territorial integrity. He stated that Ukraine’s ultimate aim is to ensure full withdrawal of Russia’s military forces and equipment from the entire territory of Ukraine and to secure its ability to protect itself in the future and thanked G7 members for their support. In this regard, Ukraine emphasised that it relies on its international partners, in particular on G7 members, in providing necessary assistance in the domain of defense capabilities, as well as with a view to ensuring a swift and effective recovery of Ukraine’s economy and to securing its economic and energy security. Ukraine has entered into discussions with international partners on security mechanisms for a viable post-war peace settlement. Ukraine remains committed to working closely with G7 members to support Ukraine’s macroeconomic stability in the face of the challenges posed by the full-scaled Russian invasion, massive destruction of critical infrastructure and disruption of traditional shipping routes for Ukrainian exports. President Zelenskyy noted his country’s commitment to uphold our common democratic values and principles, including respect for human rights and the rule of law.
  5. Today, we, the G7, reassured President Zelenskyy of our continued readiness to undertake further commitments to help Ukraine secure its free and democratic future, such that Ukraine can defend itself now and deter future acts of aggression. To this end, we will pursue our ongoing military and defence assistance to the Ukrainian Armed Forces, continue supporting Ukraine in defending its networks against cyber incidents, and expand our cooperation, including on information security. We will continue to support Ukraine in increasing its economic and energy security.
  6. Together with the international community, we, the G7, have provided and pledged additional support since the start of the war exceeding USD 24 billion for 2022 and beyond, in both financial and material means. In the coming weeks, we will step up our collective short-term financial support to help Ukraine close financing gaps and deliver basic services to its people, while also developing options – working with the Ukrainian authorities and international financial institutions – to support long-term recovery and reconstruction. In this regard, we welcome the establishment of the International Monetary Fund’s Multi-Donor Administered Account for Ukraine and the European Union announcement to develop a Ukraine Solidarity Trust Fund. We support the World Bank Group’s support package to Ukraine and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development’s Resilience Package.
  7. We call on all partners to join our support for the Ukrainian people and for refugees, and to help Ukraine to rebuild its future.
  8. We reiterate our condemnation of Russia’s unprovoked, unjustifiable and illegal military aggression against Ukraine and the indiscriminate attacks against civilians and civilian infrastructure, which has resulted in terrible humanitarian catastrophe in the heart of Europe. We are appalled by the large-scale loss of human life, assault on human rights, and destruction that Russia’s actions have inflicted on Ukraine.
  9. Under no circumstances can civilians and those not taking an active part in the hostilities be legitimate targets. We will spare no effort to hold President Putin and the architects and accomplices of this aggression, including the Lukashenko regime in Belarus, accountable for their actions in accordance with international law. To this end, we will continue to work together, along with our allies and partners around the world. We reaffirm our support for all efforts to ensure full accountability. We welcome and support the ongoing work to investigate and gather evidence on this, including by the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court, the independent investigation commission mandated by the United Nations Human Rights Council and the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe’s mission of experts.
  10. We further condemn Russia’s attempts to replace democratically elected Ukrainian local authorities with illegitimate ones. We will not recognise these acts in violation of Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.
  11. We will continue to counter the Russian strategy of disinformation, which deliberately manipulates the global – including the Russian – public in the hope of shrouding the Russian regime’s culpability for this war.
  12. Our unprecedented package of coordinated sanctions has already significantly hindered Russia’s war of aggression by limiting access to financial channels and ability to pursue their objectives. These restrictive measures are already having a significant impact on all Russian economic sectors – financial, trade, defence, technology, and energy – and will intensify pressure on Russia over time. We will continue to impose severe and immediate economic costs on President Putin’s regime for this unjustifiable war. We collectively commit to taking the following measures, consistent with our respective legal authorities and processes:

    a. First, we commit to phase out our dependency on Russian energy, including by phasing out or banning the import of Russian oil. We will ensure that we do so in a timely and orderly fashion, and in ways that provide time for the world to secure alternative supplies. As we do so, we will work together and with our partners to ensure stable and sustainable global energy supplies and affordable prices for consumers, including by accelerating reduction of our overall reliance on fossil fuels and our transition to clean energy in accordance with our climate objectives.

    b. Second, we will take measures to prohibit or otherwise prevent the provision of key services on which Russia depends. This will reinforce Russia’s isolation across all sectors of its economy.

    c. Third, we will continue to take action against Russian banks connected to the global economy and systemically critical to the Russian financial system. We have already severely impaired Russia’s ability to finance its war of aggression by targeting its Central Bank and its largest financial institutions.

    d. Fourth, we will continue our efforts to fight off the Russian regime’s attempts to spread its propaganda. Respectable private companies should not provide revenue to the Russian regime or to its affiliates feeding the Russian war machine.

    e. Fifth, we will continue and elevate our campaign against the financial elites and family members, who support President Putin in his war effort and squander the resources of the Russian people. Consistent with our national authorities, we will impose sanctions on additional individuals.
  13. We continue to work with our international partners and invite them to stand with us and to follow suit with similar actions, including to prevent sanctions evasion, circumvention and backfilling.
  14. President Putin’s war is causing global economic disruptions, impacting the security of global energy supply, fertiliser and food provision, and the functioning of global supply chains in general. The most vulnerable countries are affected most severely. Together with partners globally, we are stepping up our efforts to counter these adverse and harmful impacts of this war.
  15. President Putin’s war against Ukraine is placing global food security under severe strain. Together with the United Nations, we call on Russia to end its blockade and all other activities that further impede Ukrainian food production and exports, in line with its international commitments. Failure to do so will be seen as an attack on feeding the world. We will step up efforts to help Ukraine to keep producing in view of the next harvest season and exporting, including by alternative routes.
  16. In support of the United Nations Global Crises Response Group, we will address the causes and consequences of the global food crisis through a Global Alliance for Food Security, as our joint initiative to ensure momentum and coordination, and other efforts. We will closely cooperate with international partners and organisations beyond the G7, and, with the aim of transforming political commitments into concrete actions as planned by various international initiatives such as the Food and Agriculture Resilience Mission (FARM) and key regional outreach initiatives, including towards African and Mediterranean countries. We reiterate that our sanctions packages are carefully targeted so as not to impede the delivery of humanitarian assistance or the trade of agricultural products and reaffirm our commitment to avoid food export restrictions which impact the most vulnerable.
  17. The G7 and Ukraine stand united in this difficult time and in their quest to ensure Ukraine’s democratic, prosperous future. We remain united in our resolve that President Putin must not win his war against Ukraine. We owe it to the memory of all those who fought for freedom in the Second World War, to continue fighting for it today, for the people of Ukraine, Europe and the global community.

The White House also posted the fact-sheet and the background press call. I’ve totally run out of time to copy and past either. You’re welcome.

It’s a 1 minute and 12 video of him reaching out to moms that have reached out to him. I have really no idea how to properly transcribe the video…

Happy Belated Mom’s Day to everyone!

For Monday, May 9th, 2022, President Biden has received his daily brief. This afternoon the President and Vice President will deliver remarks on how; the Biden-Harris Administration is lowering the cost of high-speed internet for millions of American families and expanding access through the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law. Later this afternoon President Biden will sign into law S. 3522, the “Ukraine Democracy Defense Lend-Lease Act of 2022.” This evening he will participate in a fundraising reception for the DNC.

The White House posted the following fact-sheet; President Biden and Vice President Harris Reduce High-Speed Internet Costs for Millions of Americans

Biden-Harris Administration Secures Commitments from 20 Internet Providers to Cut Prices and Increase Speeds

High-speed internet service is no longer a luxury—it’s a necessity. But too many families go without high-speed internet because of the cost or have to cut back on other essentials to make their monthly internet service payments. Lowering prices—including the cost of high-speed internet service—is President Biden’s top priority. Today, President Biden and Vice President Harris are announcing that they have secured private sector commitments that will lower high-speed internet costs for millions of American families.

As part of the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, the President and Vice President worked with Democrats and Republicans to create the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP), which allows tens of millions of American households to reduce their internet service costs by up to $30/month (or $75/month on Tribal lands). To ensure the most efficient use of those public dollars and to deliver maximum cost savings to families, the Biden-Harris Administration has secured commitments from 20 leading internet providers—covering more than 80% of the U.S. population across urban, suburban, and rural areas—to either increase speeds or cut prices, making sure they all offer ACP-eligible households high-speed, high-quality internet plans for no more than $30/month.

From large providers like AT&T, Comcast, and Verizon serving dozens of states, to smaller providers serving rural areas like Jackson Energy Authority in Tennessee and Comporium in North Carolina, the commitments will allow tens of millions of ACP-eligible households to receive high-speed internet at no cost.

The Biden-Harris Administration is also launching a comprehensive effort to make sure as many ACP-eligible households as possible take advantage of this new program by:

White 05/09/2022.
  • Launching is a simple, easy-to-use website with details on how Americans can sign up for ACP and find participating internet providers in their area.
  • Reaching out to eligible households through federal agencies: Households qualify for ACP based on their income or through their participation in one of several other federal programs, like Pell Grants, Medicaid, or Supplemental Security Income. Agencies that manage these programs will be coordinating an effort to reach out to households that qualify for ACP through programs they help administer. For example, the Social Security Administration will email all 1.6 million Supplemental Security Income recipients who have a “My Social Security” account, letting them know that they are eligible for the Affordable Connectivity Program.
  • Partnering with states and cities: The Administration is partnering with states and cities to spread the word as well. For example, Michigan, Massachusetts, Philadelphia, Mesa, Arizona, and New York City will text millions of eligible households.
  • Collaborating with public interest organizations: Public interest organizations, including the United Way, Goodwill, Catholic Charities USA, and UnidosUS, will train their national networks to conduct direct enrollment and outreach. And Propel, a mission-driven financial technology company, will provide information via the Providers app to connect more than 5 million low-income families with the program. 

Today’s announcement is just one part of the President’s strategy for lowering the cost of high-speed internet for all Americans. New grant programs providing tens of billions of dollars for broadband infrastructure construction will require providers to offer affordable internet options. New rules will soon require providers to display a “Broadband Nutrition Label” that will make it easier to comparison shop for the best deal on internet. The FCC has adopted rules to ban sweetheart deals between internet providers and landlords that restrict the internet options available to millions of Americans who live in apartment buildings. And the President’s competition agenda is focused on providing Americans with more good options for internet service where they live—driving down prices and increasing the quality of service.

President Biden and Vice President Harris worked with Democrats and Republicans to create the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP)—the largest high-speed internet affordability program in our nation’s history. Experts estimate that 48 million households—or nearly 40% of households in the country—qualify for the ACP either because their income is at or below 200% of the Federal Poverty Level, or because a member of the household meets one of the other criteria below:

White 05/09/2022.
  • Participates in one of the following programs:
    • Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), formerly known as Food Stamps
    • Medicaid
    • Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children (WIC)
    • Supplemental Security Income (SSI)
    • Federal Public Housing Assistance (FPHA)
    • Veterans Pension and Survivors Benefit
    • Free and Reduced-Price School Lunch Program or School Breakfast Program, including at U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Community Eligibility Provision schools
    • Federal Pell Grant (received in the current award year)
    • Lifeline
    • Certain Tribal assistance programs, including Bureau of Indian Affairs General Assistance, Head Start (only households meeting the income qualifying standard), Tribal Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (Tribal TANF), and Food Distribution Program on Indian Reservations
  • Meets the eligibility criteria for a participating broadband provider’s existing low-income internet program.

Under the terms of the ACP, an eligible household that signs up for the program will receive a discount of up to $30/month on any internet service plan a participating provider offers. Households on Tribal Lands are eligible for a discount of up to $75/month. As of now, more than 1,300 internet service providers participate in the program, and more than 11.5 million households have signed up to receive the ACP benefit.

To make the most of this program, the Biden-Harris Administration asked participating internet service providers to either reduce prices and or raise speeds to offer ACP-eligible households a high-speed internet plan for no more than $30/month. For these purposes, the Administration views a sufficiently high-speed plan as one that offers download speeds of at least 100 Megabits per second everywhere that the provider’s infrastructure is capable of it. That’s fast enough for a typical family of four to work from home, do schoolwork, browse the web, and stream high-definition shows and movies. In addition, the Administration asked providers to offer such plans with no fees and no data caps.
For example, as part of this initiative, Verizon lowered the price for its Fios service from $39.99/month to $30/month for a plan that delivers download and upload speeds of at least 200 Megabits per second, and Spectrum doubled the speed of the $30/month plan it makes available to ACP participants from 50 to 100 Megabits per second (download).
Each of the following companies committed to offer all ACP-eligible families at least one high-speed plan for $30/month or less, with no additional fees and no data caps.

White 05/09/2022.

These companies serve urban, suburban, and rural communities across the country. Collectively, they offer high-speed internet services in areas in which over 80% of the U.S. population lives, including nearly 50% of the rural population. The Biden-Harris Administration is grateful for the efforts of these companies, and encourages additional internet service providers to join this effort to close the digital divide by offering high-speed, low-cost plans.

White 05/09/2022.

S.3522 Ukraine Democracy Defense Lend-Lease Act of 2022 summary:

This bill temporarily waives certain requirements related to the President’s authority to lend or lease defense articles if the defense articles are intended for Ukraine’s government or the governments of other Eastern European countries affected by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

For FY2022 and FY2023, an agreement to lend or lease defense articles under this bill shall not be subject to certain requirements and provisions that typically apply to such lend-lease agreements, including a requirement that generally prohibits a loan or lease period from exceeding five years.

The President must establish expedited procedures to ensure the timely delivery of defense articles loaned or leased to Ukraine under this bill. as of 04/28/2022.

President Biden has tweeted…

He has tweeted 1 time so far for Monday…

From April’s Jobs Report: Manufacturing added 55,000 jobs in April. Employment in durable goods rose by 31,000, with gains in transportation equipment (+14,000) and machinery (+7,000). Nondurable goods added 24,000 jobs, with job growth in food manufacturing (+8,000) and plastics and rubber products (+6,000). Since February 2020, manufacturing employment is down by 56,000, or 0.4 percent.

My intent was to add up the manufacturing jobs added since 2021, but time has disappeared and I need more time to review the data. Sorry…

The President and Vice President’s remarks are scheduled for 1:30 p.m. D.C., time.

The daily press briefing is scheduled for 3:00 p.m. D.C., time.

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