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There are 7 days until Labor Day…
There are 8 days until President Biden holds the celebration to celebrate the Inflation Reduction Act Law…
There are 25 days until the first day of fall…

President Biden’s Public Schedule for Monday, August 29th 2022:

7:10 AMOut-of-Town Pool Call Time
Out-of-Town Pool
9:00 AMThe President departs New Castle, Delaware en route the White House
Out-of-Town Pool
9:15 AMIn-Town Pool Call Time
In-Town Pool
9:55 AMThe President arrives at the White House
South LawnOpen Press
1:30 PMPress Briefing by Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre
James S. Brady Press Briefing Room

When last we met on Friday, President Biden had tweeted 1 time. He added 4 tweets giving him a Friday Tweeting Total of 5 tweets and 0 retweets.

With summer almost over (112 on this upcoming Sunday aside)–the heart of mid-term campaign season will be upon us.

Monday’s are already a mixed bag of Presidential Tweeting from past remarks; and now as this past week has shown less subtle campaign tweeting.

To be fair all Presidential Tweeting =’s Campaign Tweeting.

In light of this, for now; his tweets come mainly from his *Inflation Reduction Act remarks or his remarks announcing student loan debt forgiveness.

*all his remark ended up coming from mainly his student loan forgiveness announcement. But I decided to leave the sentence as is.*

President Biden: (9:41) Ninety-five percent of the borrowers can benefit from these actions.  That’s 43 million people. Of the 43 million, over 60 percent are Pell Grant recipients.  That’s 27 million people who will get $20,000 in debt relief. Nearly 45 percent can have their student debt fully cancelled.  That’s 20 million people who can start getting on with their lives.

The White House posted the following proclamation; on Women’s Equality Day, 2022

  On August 26, 1920, after decades of hard-fought advocacy, women won the right to vote, and our Nation moved one step closer to living out our sacred ideal that all people are created equal.  On Women’s Equality Day, we honor the movement for universal suffrage that led to the 19th Amendment, celebrate the progress of women over the years, and renew our commitment to advancing gender equity and protecting women’s rights.

     This commitment is more important than ever in the wake of the Supreme Court decision to overturn Roe v. Wade and eliminate a woman’s constitutional right to choose.  My Administration is doing everything in its power to protect access to the reproductive health care that generations of women and activists have fought for, including abortion.  We will continue to defend reproductive rights, which are integral to gender equality and the fundamental freedoms Americans hold dear.  We will also continue to support the Equal Rights Amendment, so that we may enshrine the principle of gender equality in our Constitution.

     With the ratification of the 19th Amendment, millions of women across the country were finally able to make their voices heard in our elections.  Yet many women of color who helped lead the universal suffrage movement were effectively denied those rights until the Voting Rights Act passed 45 years later.  Today, the struggle to ensure that every American can cast their ballot continues.  More Americans voted in 2020 than during any election in our history, but some States are restricting this fundamental right through provisions that overwhelmingly impact people of color, low-income communities, and people with disabilities.  Women are less likely to have time to vote in-person with increased caregiving demands and a disproportionate share of low-wage, inflexible work.  The right to vote and to have that vote counted is essential to the future of our democracy.

     Women and girls have fought for social justice and freedom throughout our history, and my Administration is committed to building on their progress.  All Americans should have the opportunity to fully participate in society — no one’s rights should be denied because of their gender.  As States across the country strip women of their ability to make decisions about their own bodies, families, and futures, my Administration remains dedicated to protecting access to critical reproductive health care, regardless of gender, race, zip code, or income.  We will continue to defend the right of all people to live free from gender-based violence.

     We are also committed to ensuring women are treated fairly in the workplace and have economic security.  We will fight for pay equity, to end discrimination in the workplace, and to promote equitable access to good-paying jobs, particularly in sectors where women are underrepresented.  We remain dedicated to lowering the costs of child care and passing policies to help women navigate caregiving and work responsibilities.

     On Women’s Equality Day, we celebrate the trailblazers who fought to deliver a better future for America’s daughters.  We recognize the work that remains to ensure that everyone can fully participate in our democracy and make fundamental choices about their health and bodies.  We strive to uphold our Nation’s promise of equality for all people. 

 NOW, THEREFORE, I, JOSEPH R. BIDEN JR., President of the United States of America, by virtue of the authority vested in me by the Constitution and the laws of the United States, do hereby proclaim August 26, 2022, as Women’s Equality Day.  I call upon the people of the United States to celebrate and continue to build on our country’s progress towards gender equality, and to defend and strengthen the right to vote.

 IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand this twenty-fifth day of August, in the year of our Lord two thousand twenty-two, and of the Independence of the United States of America the two hundred and forty-seventh.

White 08/25/2022.

Q: (20:24) Mr. President, is this unfair to people who paid their student loans or chose not to take out loans?

President Biden: Is it fair to people who in fact do not own a multi-billion-dollar business if they see one of these guys give them all a tax break?  Is that fair?  What do you think?

Saturday’s Tweeting Total is 7 tweets and 0 retweets…

President Biden: (1:11) In 50 years — for 50 years, Pell Grants have been a key way for the federal government to help lower-income families, particularly those earning less than $60,000 a year, to send their kids to college. Those Pell Grants used to cover 80 percent — 80 percent of the cost of going to a public four-year college. Today, Pell Grants cover 30 perce- — 30 — roughly 32 percent.  That’s one third of the cost, as opposed to before.

President Biden: (from an above tweet) That’s 27 million people who will get $20,000 in debt relief.

Snips from White

If you have worked in public service (federal, state, local, tribal government or a non-profit organization) for 10 years or more (even if not consecutively), you may be eligible to have all your student debt canceled.  Now, for a limited time, it is easier than ever to receive that forgiveness, or get credit toward forgiveness, if you have not yet served 10 years.  

But you must apply before October 31, 2022.


It has an apply button underneath the above text.

On July 8th 2022, President Biden signed an Executive Order on; Protecting Access to Reproductive Healthcare Services. Prior to signing he offered remarks.

President Biden: (15:30) Marriage equality, contraception, and so much more is at risk.  This decision affects everyone — unrelated to choice — beyond choice.  We cannot allow an out-of-control Supreme Court, working in conjunction with the extremist elements of the Republican Party, to take away freedoms and our personal autonomy. 

From the fact-sheet:  How the Inflation Reduction Act Helps Black Communities

Lower Prescription Drug Costs for Seniors: Americans pay 2-3 times more for their prescription drugs than people in other wealthy countries. High prices contribute to racial and ethnic health inequities.  Among adults 65 and older, Black Medicare beneficiaries were roughly 1.5 times as likely as White beneficiaries to have trouble affording medications, and about 2 times as likely to not fill needed prescriptions due to cost. For example, a recent study of shingles vaccination rates among older Americans showed non-Latino White Americans were over 2 times as likely to have received the shingles vaccine than Black Americans, due in part to difficulty affording the shingles vaccine. The Inflation Reduction Act will help close the gap in access to medication by improving prescription drug coverage and lowering drug prices in Medicare. The law:

White 08/16/2022.
  • Caps the amount that seniors will have to pay for prescription drugs they buy at the pharmacy at $2,000 a year, giving peace of mind to seniors who no longer have to worry about spending thousands and thousands more on prescription drugs.
  • Caps the amount that seniors will have to pay for insulin at $35 for a month’s supply.
  • Provides access to a number of additional free vaccines, including the shingles vaccine, for Medicare beneficiaries.
  • Will further lower prescription drug costs for seniors by allowing Medicare to negotiate the price of high-cost drugs and requiring drug manufacturers to pay Medicare a rebate when they raise prices faster than inflation.

The full fact-sheet can be found @the News Blender.

President Biden: (11:18) Last year, we cut the deficit by more than $350 billion. This year, we’re on track to cut it by more than $1.7 trillion by the end of this fiscal year.  The single-largest deficit reduction in a single year in the history of America. And the Inflation Reduction Act is going to cut it by another $300 billion over the next decade because Medicare will be paying less for prescription drugs, and over a trillion dollars if you add it out for the next two decades. The point is this: There is plenty of deficit reduction to pay for the programs — cumulative deficit reduction — to pay for the programs many times over.

He’s of course referring to the 11-point plan of stupid released back in February by Florida man-Senator Rick Scott (R). Lady Snark covered the plan:

All federal legislation sunsets in 5 years. If a law is worth keeping, Congress can pass it again.

Rick Snot’s 11-Point Plan, page 38

Lady Snark Said: The federal code fills a whole bunch of books. Now imagine if every single law in all those books has to be passed every 5 years. Congress wouldn’t be able to do all that, much less all the rest of the work they legitimately must do, like pass a budget, declare war, or confirm judges and SCOTUS nominees. This is like reinventing the wheel every 5 years. It’s stupid and wasteful. Would it be a good idea to cull out outdated laws? Yes. Do you need to throw out every single law and pass only the good ones again to accomplish that? No.

Sunday’s Tweeting Total is 8 tweets and 0 retweets…

His full statement:

On a hot summer day 59 years ago, hundreds of thousands of Americans descended on Washington to redeem the soul of America. They marched for jobs and the dignity of work. They marched for the freedom to cast a ballot or sit at a lunch counter. They marched to hear a preacher’s timeless dream: an America of possibilities and equal opportunity for all Americans.
As we face another inflection point in our nation’s history, I’m proud that my Administration has worked every day to bring us closer to that dream. On my very first day in office, I signed a historic executive order to make advancing racial justice and equity a priority across the entire federal government, as well as another executive order on the anniversary of Bloody Sunday directing my Administration to expand access to the sacred right to vote. I signed the landmark Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, making historic investments in communities that were far too often overlooked or underserved. When Congress failed to act, I signed an executive order to advance effective, accountable policing and enhance both public safety and public trust.
But we have much more to do. Nearly six decades later, this day reminds us of how far we’ve come, where we need to go, and how far and how much longer the journey is. And it reminds us that each of us must engage in the painstaking work of perfecting our union. As John Lewis, the youngest speaker that day, taught us, “Democracy is not a state. It is an act.”
For Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., for John Lewis, and for all those who have fought for a better America, we must march on.

White 08/28/2022.

The above is not found in full at the White House. I’m horribly behind cause it’s Monday, so we just gonna move on…

On June 25th 2022, President Biden signed into law S.2938, the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act into law. He offered short remarks.

On July 11th 2022, President Biden and Vice President Harris celebrated the Safer Communities Act.

Part of this tweet appeared in remarks he gave at the Democratic National Committee Grassroots Rally from Maryland.

President Biden:  This is the same guy who said if Republicans get control of the United States Congress, they’re coming after the Affordable Care Act again, denying health insurance to anyone with a preexisting condition.  Because if you don’t have — if you don’t have the Affordable Care Act, people without a pre-existing — with a pre-existing cannot get insurance.

The above is from remarks he gave on August 5th 2022 regarding the July Jobs Report and the Inflation Reduction Act.

President Biden: (6:01) You know, I know most families are focused on just putting three meals on the table, taking care of their kids, and paying their bills.  Helping you do that is my job.  That’s a President’s job as well. 

Note: I read this line that is my job as “that’s my job” and hear this…

President Biden: (8:59) No high-income individual or high-income household, on top of the 5 percent — in the top 5 percent of incomes, by the way, will benefit from this action.  Period.  In fact, about 90 percent of the eligible beneficiaries make under $75,000 a family.

President Biden: (10:42) By resuming student loan payments at the same time as we provide targeted relief, we’re taking an economically responsible course. As a consequence, about $50 billion a year will start coming back into the se- — the Treasury because of the resumption of debt. Independent experts agree that these actions, taken together, will provide real benefits for families without meaningful effect on inflation.

Because I’m so very late for Monday, he has tweeted 2 times…

President Biden: (16:44) And one more big change we’re making to the system is: We’re holding colleges accountable for jacking up costs without delivering value to students. We’ve all heard of those schools luring students with a promise of big paychecks when they graduate only to watch these students be ripped off and left with mountains of debt. And my predecessors looked the other way for some reason reason — with good reason — to do some — anything about this fraud.  My administration is taking it on. For example, the Department of Education works with private education associations to accredited college — to accredited colleges and universities so they can receive federal aid.  Well, last week, the Department of Education fired a college accreditor that allowed colleges like ITT and Corinthian to defraud borrowers.

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