Biden Bits: You Can’t Love Your Country Only When You Win…

Biden Tweets Logo. Image by Lenny Ghoul.

President Biden’s Public Schedule for Monday, September 19th 2022.

3:05 AMOut-of-Town Pool Call Time (8:05 AM Local)
Winfield House, London Out-of-Town Pool
5:00 AMThe President and The First Lady attend the State Funeral of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II (10:00 AM Local)
Westminster Abbey, London Closed Press
9:25 AMThe President and The First Lady depart London, United Kingdom en route Joint Base Andrews (2:25 PM Local)
London Stansted, Essex, England, United Kingdom Out-of-Town Pool
3:15 PMIn-Town Pool Call Time
Stakeout Location In-Town Travel Pool
4:35 PMThe President and The First Lady arrive Joint Base Andrews
Joint Base Andrews Out-of-Town Pool
4:45 PMThe President and The First Lady depart Joint Base Andrews en route White House
Joint Base Andrews In-Town Travel Pool
5:05 PMThe President and The First Lady arrive at the White House
North Grounds In-Town Travel Pool

I had the intent of getting the separate thread posted for the Queen’s funeral, but Benadryl’s intent to knock me out was stronger.

When the post was posted for Friday, President Biden had tweeted 3 times. He added over the rest of Friday, all of Saturday and Sunday, 20 tweets giving him a “Weekend” Tweeting Total of 23 tweets and 1 retweet.

The above 4 second video snip was taken from his prime-time remarks regarding the continue battle for the “Soul of the Nation.”

President Biden: () They don’t understand what every patriotic American knows: You can’t love your country only when you win.  (Applause.)  It’s fundamental. 

From the fact-sheet; President Biden’s Economic Plan Drives America’s Electric Vehicle Manufacturing Boom

President Biden, American families, automakers, and autoworkers agree: the future of transportation is electric.

The President’s economic plan has generated an American, electric vehicle (EV) manufacturing boom that is creating new economic opportunity and tens of thousands of good-paying and union jobs across the country. Companies like Toyota, Honda, Ford Motor Company, General Motors, and Panasonic have announced investments in manufacturing in North Carolina, Michigan, Ohio, Missouri, Kansas, and elsewhere.

Since his first day in office, President Biden’s auto vision and leadership has positioned the United States to lead the EV future – to create jobs, make more in America, and fight climate change while advancing environmental justice. The President united automakers and autoworkers around the bold goal for electric vehicles to make up 50% of all vehicles sold in the United States by 2030. His economic agenda, including robust new “Made in America” policies, has spurred domestic manufacturing of EVs, EV chargers, and batteries. And, thanks to the Inflation Reduction Act, President Biden is making new and used EVs affordable for consumers and providing the auto industry market certainty.

White 09/14/2022.
  • Since President Biden took office, companies have invested nearly $85 billion in manufacturing of electric vehicles, batteries, and EV chargers in the United States.
  • The pace of this investment is accelerating – just in 2022, companies have announced $13 billion in domestic EV manufacturing – more than triple the investment in 2020. Companies have also announced $24 billion in batteries – more than 28 times the investment in 2020 – and over $700 million to support EV charging.
  • The number of electric vehicles sold in the U.S. has tripled since the President took office.

I Googled to see anything about tripled the sales and found this opinion piece by Tesla shareholder Johnna Crider who says it’s shady that President Biden is taking credit for “Tesla’s contributions. It hurts the American workers who are the real reason those sales have tripled.” She goes on to write: President Biden didn’t go out there and make EVs popular. That was Elon Musk and Tesla whose products forced other automakers to either follow the lead or miss out.

I changed up my keyword search and found this from July, posted by Cox Automotive:

This much we know: New-vehicle sales in the second quarter struggled, up only modestly from the first quarter and down more than 20% from Q2 2021. The reasons are well documented – tight inventory, high prices, consumer sentiment dropping. There were a few positive notes in the Q2 sales numbers, and among them EV sales stood out the most. Sales of battery-powered electric vehicles – pure EVs – jumped to 196,788, a record high and a 13% increase from Q1.

Cox Automotive. 07/13/2022.
  • Sales of electrified vehicles – combined EVs, hybrids, and fuel-cell-powered vehicles – jumped to 442,740 in Q2, an increase of 12.9% from year-ago levels. Electrified vehicles account for 12.6% of the U.S. market last quarter.

I dunno if it’s “shady” that President Biden takes credit for this jump in EV sales; I do think it’s purely political campaigning on his part. *shrug*

From his celebration remarks celebrating the Inflation Reduction Act:

President Biden: And after years of some of the biggest corporations in the United States paying zero in federal income tax, they will now have to begin to literally pay their fair share.

The photo was taken during his trip to Detroit, Michigan, on September 14th where he highlighted the Electric Vehicle Manufacturing Boom in America. The tweet text is sort of mentioned in his remarks.

“American Workers” appears one-time:

President Biden: Well, but hear me: We’re going to leave nobody behind.  We’re going to be working with companies, community colleges, technical schools, union-led apprenticeship and training programs to make sure American workers are prepared to compete and outcompete anybody in the world.  And I’m not joking.  (Applause.)  I am not joking.

“American Companies” does not appear in his remarks.

“American-made” appears one-time:

President Biden: And guess what?  We were told, when the automobile industry was going belly up, that it would never recover.  And the answer: We weren’t going to be able to sell American-made cars at the same rate as we did before. 

“American-Made Products” does not appear in his remarks. The word “product” appears two times.

President Biden: And by the way, we don’t tell people that.  People don’t know that.  Neighborhoods I come from, they know it, but they don’t know that.  It’s not that they’re mean about it; they just don’t understand.  They think one day, you show up and you’ve got a trade, man.  You’re all set.  But you work like the devil to get there, and your work product shows it.

President Biden: You know, I worked with the longshoremen back in my state and around the country.  And, you know, when we got all this new, modern equipment to deal with the supply chain, to speed up product coming in — well, we put all these new cranes and equipment in.  But I made a deal with the — I was — I shouldn’t say “I made” — I suggested — (laughter) — that the business side of that equation was: Anybody displaced by any modernization, they got to get the jobs to run those cranes.  They got to get the jobs to be trained on every new thing that was going on. 

From the above remarks:

President Biden: We extended a lifeline, and we stepped up and we saved more than a million jobs.  Because of that work, the U.S. auto manufacturers are in a position today to drive full speed ahead. I believe we can own the future of the automobile market.  I believe we can own the future of manufacturing. American manufacturing is back.  Detroit is back.  America is back.  And, folks, we’re proving it’s never, ever, ever a good bet to bet against the American people.  Never, never, never.  (Applause.)

The White House posted the following readout:

President Joseph R. Biden, Jr. met today with President Cyril Ramaphosa of South Africa to address opportunities to deepen our relationship, identify next steps on issues of mutual importance, and discuss regional and global challenges.  Together they discussed progress on several of the topics outlined during their initial call in April, including trade and investment and climate and energy.  To this end, President Biden announced the creation of a South Africa-U.S. Investment Advisory Task Force and a planned $45 million investment toward the Just Energy Transition Partnership. 

The two leaders also committed to addressing several of the world’s most urgent challenges over which we both share concern, including the Russia-Ukraine conflict and its negative consequences for food security in Africa.  The meeting reaffirmed the value of our longstanding partnership, and underscored South Africa’s influential voice in global affairs.

White 09/16/2022.

Prior to the meeting there was a pool spray in the Oval Office. The YouTube is 5 minutes and 56 seconds long. Their full remarks can be found here.

The 28 second video snip was taken from his remarks welcoming the President to the White House.

President Biden:  Well, Mr. President, it’s great to have you here as I — we were talking before you came in about how magnificent I think your country is.  I spent some time in my campaign, which lasted for years, against apartheid to visit your country.  And it’s magnificent. And, you know, it’s an honor to welcome you to the White House.  I’ve been looking forward to this for a while.  The United States and South Africa and your government have the same value set.

President Biden: Look, our partnership is essential in addressing many of the world’s pressing challenges, from the food security crisis to — *[PRESIDENT RAMAPHOSA:  That’s right.  Yes.]  And South Africa is a vital voice on the global stage and a leader in the international order. 

President Biden: We have a lot to talk about. There’s a lot that’s happening around the world — not only on the continent of Africa, but around the world that you’re engaged in as well. So, welcome.  I’m looking forward to our conversation.  And thanks for taking the time to be here. 

*They cut out President Ramaphosa’s line*

From the fact-sheet; President Biden’s Economic Plan Drives America’s Electric Vehicle Manufacturing Boom (09/14/2022).

EV and Battery Manufacturing

  • Toyota announced an additional $2.5 billion investment in a Greensboro, North Carolina manufacturing facility.
  • Honda and LG Energy Solution announced a $4.4 billion joint venture in a to-be-announced location in the U.S.
  • Ford Motor Company announced it will invest $3.7 billion in assembly plants in Michigan, Ohio and Missouri and create 6200 jobs.
  • Panasonic announced a $4 billion plant in De Soto, Kansas that will create 4,000 jobs.  Panasonic is also reportedly evaluating a similar investment in an additional new battery factory.
  • Vinfast announced a more than $5 billion investment in building electric vehicles and batteries in North Carolina that will create 13,000 jobs.
  • Hyundai announced a $5.5 billion investment to build electric vehicles and batteries near Savannah, Georgia
  • Through DOE’s Advanced Technology Vehicle Manufacturing program, the Department of Energy announced a $2.5 billion loan in July 2022 to General Motors for battery manufacturing facilities in Ohio, Tennessee, and Michigan.
  • Samsung SDI America is investing $3.1 billion in Kokomo, Indiana to build batteries in a joint venture with Stellantis.

Battery Material Processing

  • Piedmont Lithium announced a $582 million investment to establish a lithium hydroxide processing, refining, and manufacturing facility in Southeast Tennessee.
  • Cirba Solutions, a battery recycling company, is announcing a new $200 million expansion of a lithium-ion battery recycling facility in Lancaster, Ohio and a goal to expand battery recycling by over 600%

Electric Vehicle Charging

  • ABB is announcing a new EV charging manufacturing facility in Columbia, South Carolina capable of producing up to 10,000 chargers per year.
  • Lincoln Electric, a longstanding domestic manufacturer of electric equipment, announced a new line of DC fast chargers in Cleveland, Ohio on August 29th.
  • GM, in a partnership with Delta Electronics and EVgo will invest $750 million in EV charging infrastructure, including at Pilot and Flying J truck stops and gas stations.
  • These investments are in addition to more than $700 million the White House announced in June, including new manufacturing facilities by ChargePoint, Flo, Siemens, Tesla, and Tritium.

September 9th President Biden attended the groundbreaking ceremony of Intel’s planned chip manufacturing site in Ohio.

President Biden: I want to thank Sherrod Brown for his relentless work, especially making sure that labor is in on this deal.  And Pat just mentioned what Sherrod makes clear: It’s time to bury the label “Rust Belt” and call it, as Pat says, the “Silicon Heartland.”  That’s what’s happening on these 1,000 acres.

President Biden: Let me close with this: This is about our economic security.  It’s about our national security.  It’s about good-paying, union jobs that you can raise a family on — as my dad would say — and have a little bit of breathing room.  Jobs now.  Jobs for the future.  Jobs in every part of the country.  We’re not going to leave a part behind.  There’s no need to not develop the whole country.  Jobs that show the industrial Midwest is back — the industrial Midwest is back.  (Applause.) And that’s what you’ll see in this field of dreams: PhD engineers and scientists alongside community college graduates, skilled craftsmen — men and women; people of all ages, races, backgrounds with advanced degrees or no degrees, working side by side doing the most sophisticated manufacturing that’s ever done

President Biden: They’re showing what we’ve always believed — and I want to emphasize this, and then I’ll get out of your hair.  And I mean this.  You’ve heard me say this for a long time.  There is nothing –- I mean this from the bottom of my heart — there is nothing — not a single thing beyond our capacity as a nation if we do it together as the United States of America.  And that’s what we’re going to do.  This is an inflection point on everything.  (Applause.)   We’re going to look back on this period 20 years from now and say, “That’s when it began to change.”

From the fact-sheet: Biden-⁠Harris Administration Announces New Actions to Expand U.S. Offshore Wind Energy

Today, the Biden-Harris Administration is launching coordinated actions to develop new floating offshore wind platforms, an emerging clean energy technology that will help the United States lead on offshore wind. In tandem with President Biden’s economic and clean energy agenda, these actions will create good-paying jobs, lower energy costs for families, and strengthen U.S. energy security. Since taking office, President Biden’s vision and leadership has jumpstarted the American offshore wind industry and made America a magnet for clean energy investments. The President set a bold goal of deploying 30 gigawatts (GW) of offshore wind by 2030, enough to power 10 million homes with clean energy, support 77,000 jobs, and spur private investment up and down the supply chain.

White 09/15/2022.
  • New Goal to Reach 15 GW by 2035: The Administration will advance lease areas in deep waters in order to deploy 15 GW of floating offshore wind capacity by 2035—building on the President’s existing goal of deploying 30 GW of offshore wind by 2030, which will be largely met using fixed-bottom technology.


Secretaries Granholm and Haaland announced the Floating Offshore Wind ShotTM, a new initiative to grow clean energy capacity and drive U.S. leadership in floating offshore wind design, development, and manufacturing. The Floating Offshore Wind Shot is an initiative led by the Departments of Energy (DOE), Interior (DOI), Commerce, and Transportation. DOE and the National Science Foundation will also collaborate on research and workforce development in support of the Floating Offshore Wind Shot. 

The Floating Offshore Wind Shot includes an ambitious goal to reduce the cost of floating offshore wind energy by more than 70%, to $45 per megawatt-hour by 2035. Achieving this cost target will require focused research, development, and demonstration to catalyze continued cost reductions, with a focus on manufacturing, engineering, and continued increases of offshore wind turbine capacity. Agencies will also continue collaborating to develop the robust domestic supply chain and transmission infrastructure needed to accelerate floating as well as fixed-bottom offshore wind.

The Floating Offshore Wind Shot will promote ocean co-use, protect biodiversity, and advance environmental justice—including by making sure the benefits of offshore wind deployment reach underserved communities, in support of President Biden’s Justice40 Initiative. This new target is part of DOE’s Energy EarthshotsTM initiative to tackle key remaining technical challenges to reaching U.S. climate goals. In addition to harnessing untapped potential for generating clean electricity, floating offshore wind will also support economy-wide decarbonization, including by using floating offshore wind for co-generation of clean fuels and energy storage.

White 09/15/2022.


DOI also announced a new goal to deploy 15 GW of installed floating offshore wind capacity by 2035—enough clean energy to power over five million American homes. This builds on the Administration’s goal to deploy 30 GW of offshore wind by 2030. DOI’s Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) will advance lease areas in deep waters for floating technology, starting with a lease auction off the coast of California by the end of 2022. Achieving this ambitious target will spur billions of dollars of economic opportunities and avoid an estimated 26 million metric tons of carbon emissions annually.

Bringing floating offshore wind technology to scale will unlock new opportunities for offshore wind power off the coasts of California and Oregon, in the Gulf of Maine, and beyond. Tapping into these resources will expand clean American energy supplies and contribute significantly to achieving climate goals set by the President and Governors across the country. States, Tribes, coastal communities, and ocean users will continue to play a key role throughout the process to ensure that in meeting our climate goals, we create good-paying union jobs and support economic opportunities in local and underserved communities.  

White 09/15/2022.

He’s once again talking about the Senator from Florida Rick Scott’s 11-point plan of stupid. Which was released in February. Lady Snark gave it the snark treatment. He’s not wrong, the plan that isn’t much of a plan does say that; All federal legislation sunsets in 5 years. If a law is worth keeping, Congress can pass it again. Rick Snot’s 11-Point Plan, page 38

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre issued the following the statement:

President Biden met today with Elizabeth Whelan and Cherelle Griner, the loved ones of two American citizens who are wrongfully detained in Russia under intolerable circumstances. Elizabeth Whelan, the sister of Paul Whelan, and Cherelle Griner, the wife of Brittney Griner, met separately with the President in the Oval Office.

The President held the meetings to reiterate his continued commitment to working through all available avenues to bring Brittney and Paul home safely. He asked after the wellbeing of Elizabeth and Cherelle and their respective families during this painful time. The President appreciated the opportunity to learn more about Brittney and Paul from those who love them most, and acknowledged that every minute they are being held is a minute too long.

Today’s meetings come after earlier meetings and conversations that the President, his national security team, and the State Department have held with the Whelan and Griner families to keep them updated on efforts to secure the release of their loved ones as quickly as possible. We all admire the courage of the Whelan and Griner families in the face of these unimaginable circumstances, and we remain committed to reuniting them with their loved ones.

White 09/16/2022.

From the White House; BY THE NUMBERS: The Inflation Reduction Act

The Inflation Reduction Act will lower costs for families, combat the climate crisis, reduce the deficit, and finally ask the largest corporations to pay their fair share. President Biden and Congressional Democrats have worked together to deliver a historic legislative achievement that defeats special interests, delivers for American families, and grows the economy from the bottom up and middle out.

Here’s how the Inflation Reduction Act impacts Americans by the numbers:

White 08/15/2022.


Cutting Prescription Drug Cost

  • Today, Americans pay two to three times what citizens of other countries pay for prescription drugs
  • 5-7 million Medicare beneficiaries could see their prescription drug costs go down because of the provision allowing Medicare to negotiate prescription drug costs.
  • 50 million Americans with Medicare Part D will have the peace of mind knowing their costs at the pharmacy are capped at $2,000 per year, directly benefiting about 1.4 million beneficiaries each year.
  • 3.3 million Medicare beneficiaries with diabetes will benefit from a guarantee that their insulin costs are capped at $35 for a month’s supply.

AAA says national average of a gallon of gas today is $3.667.

Gas Buddy Guy says:

The tone of the above tweets is very campaign slogan feel-good tweets. I’m going to skip right on pass them as I’m already running behind. Cause Monday.

Happy Birthday.

I’m still looking into this tweet the Republican Leader could mean Senator Rick Scott in this context. I have not located Republican Senate Minority Mitch McConnell from Kentucky saying he’d repeal the act if R’s take back control.

President Biden offered short remarks after he signed the official condolence book for the Queen.

President Biden: We’ve had an opportunity to meet with an awful lot of consequential people, but I can say that the ones who stand out in your mind are those whose relationship and interaction with you are consistent with their reputation. When the Queen had us to the castle for tea and — we were joking — crumpets — she kept offering me more; I kept eating everything she put in front of me — but she was the same in person as she — as her image: decent, honorable, and all about service. And our hearts go out to the Royal Family — King Charles and all the family.  It’s a loss that leaves a giant hole.  And sometimes you think you’ll never — you’ll never overcome it. But as I’ve told the King, she’s going to be with him every step of the way — every minute, every moment.  And that’s a reassuring notion. So, to all the people of England, all the people of the United Kingdom, our hearts go out to you.  And you were fortunate to have had her for 70 years.  We all were.  The world is better for her. Thank you.

Q: Mr. President, why does she remind you of your mother?

President Biden: Just because of the way she touched when she leaned over.  The way — she had that look like, “Are you okay?  Anything I can do for you?  What do you need?”  And then also, “Make sure you do what you’re supposed to do.”  (Laughter.)

Q: What do you think she meant to the wider world beyond the UK, Mr. President?

President Biden: Well, I think — look, the American press has heard me say for a long time that I think the thing that is — maybe it’s too much, excuse the expression, the Irish of it, but it’s about treating people with dignity. I talk about how my mother and father thought that everyone, no matter who they were, no matter what their station, no matter where they were from deserved to be treated with dignity. And that’s exactly what she communicated — just the way she walked by her staff, just the way — just the way she acted. And I think what she gave is a sense of — maybe above all, the notion of service.  We all owe something.  There’s something within our capacity to do that can make things — not just the world better, but your neighborhood better, your household better, your workplace better. And that — that’s what she communicated to me, anyway.  And it was an honor to meet her — an honor to meet her.

The Royal Family Twitter account:

The YouTube posted by The Royal Family can’t be embedded.

President Biden has tweeted 2 times so far for Monday…

The Emergency Declaration:

Today, President Joseph R. Biden, Jr. declared that an emergency exists in the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico and ordered Federal assistance to supplement Commonwealth and local response efforts due to the emergency conditions resulting from Tropical Storm Fiona beginning on September 17, 2022, and continuing.

The President’s action authorizes the Department of Homeland Security, Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), to coordinate all disaster relief efforts which have the purpose of alleviating the hardship and suffering caused by the emergency on the local population, and to provide appropriate assistance for required emergency measures, authorized under Title V of the Stafford Act, to save lives and to protect property and public health and safety, and to lessen or avert the threat of a catastrophe in all 78 municipalities in the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico.

Specifically, FEMA is authorized to identify, mobilize, and provide at its discretion, equipment and resources necessary to alleviate the impacts of the emergency.  Emergency protective measures, including direct federal assistance, will be provided at 75 percent Federal funding.

Deanne Criswell, Administrator, Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), Department of Homeland Security, named Robert Little III as the Federal Coordinating Officer for Federal recovery operations in the affected areas. 


White 09/18/2022.

This is an Open Thread.

Important announcement; I will be off Tuesday and Wednesday. There might be a Disneyland trip, but first we got business at UCLA for Alli’s yearly check-up. All is well. This is routine.

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