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President Biden’s Public Schedule for Mid-Term Election Day Tuesday, November 8th 2022:

9:30 AMThe President receives the Presidential Daily Briefing
Closed Press
12:00 PMIn-Town Pool Call Time
In-Town Pool

President Biden has tweeted 3 times so far for Mid-Term Election Day Tuesday…

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When the post was posted for Mid-term Election Eve Monday, President Biden had tweeted 3 times. He added 7 tweets giving him a Mid-term Election Eve Monday Tweeting Total of 10 tweets and 0 retweets.

On Saturday, President Biden offered remarks at a Democratic National Committee Rally. The White House does not stream his political events. They do post transcripts of his remarks from political events.

President Biden: You saw what happened last time, under my predecessor.  Econ- — the economy was in ruins.  He was the first President since Herbert Hoover to lose jobs in the course of his presidency.  Unemployment rate — the unemployment rate was 6.4 percent.  He lost manufacturing jobs and hundreds of small businesses here in this state and 100,000 nationwide. Look, folks, the country was in a pandemic with no plan on how to get out.  The day I was sworn in, only 2 million people had been vaccinated.  Now more than 220 [million] Americans are fully vaccinated.  (Applause.)  So we moved.  And our approach is working. Since I came to office, we’ve created 10 million new good-paying jobs.  (Applause.)  Ten million.  Because of you all.  Ten million.

I didn’t find remarks exactly related to the above tweet. I did manage to find that the above photo was taken when President Biden visited Delaware State University on the 21st of October and offered remarks on student loan forgiveness.

From the above linked article I found a Flickr page that has several images from President Biden’s visit.

For more on economic growth you can visit the archive.

On Tuesday the 1st of November, President Biden traveled to Florida and delivered remarks on protecting social security and medicare. The above 1 minute video clip are snips taken from those remarks.

President Biden: And, folks, it gives — it gets even worse.  They’re coming after your Social Security and Medicare in a big way.  Folks here in Florida, you need to know this.  And I mean this sincerely.  You need to know this.  You need to know why.  Because if your own senator — Senator Rick Scott — I have the brochure here he has

President Biden: And this is from the report.  I — I made it larger, listed all they want to do.  Quote, “All federal legislation sunsets” — it means go out — goes out of existence — “in five years.  If [the] law is worth keeping, Congress [will] pass it again.”

President Biden: And then along came Senator Johnson from Wisconsin.  He says, “Five years is too long to wait.”  No, I — it’s hard to believe.  No, I really mean it, it’s hard to believe. He says it takes — that’s too long.  Every year — every single year, it should be on the chopping block, along with veterans’ benefits and everything else in the federal budget.  If Congress doesn’t vote affirmatively to keep it, it goes away — gone. You’ve been paying into Social Security your whole life.  You earned it.  Now these guys want to take it away.  Who in the hell do they think they are?  Excuse my language.  (Applause.)

The above is semi-related to brief remarks he gave on Halloween Monday regarding oil companies profit and gas prices.

Well, good afternoon. This is a very short statement but a consequential one, in my view. Putin’s invasion of Ukraine in March set gas prices soaring literally around the world — not just here, but around the world.

And because of the action we’ve taken since then, gas prices have actually come down — going into the Strategic Petroleum Reserve — here at home, in America. They’re down more than $1.20 since their peak this summer. And they’ve been falling for the best of — best part of the last three weeks.

In June, the average price — not the most common price, but the average price — nationwide was — was over $5 a gallon. Today, the average price for a gallon of gas is $3.76. That’s adding up to real savings for American families — the difference between those prices. And this difference makes a difference.

In a difficult time, Americans across the country have stepped up, and they — to do the right thing. But not everyone has stepped up. The oil industry has not — has not met its commitment to invest in America and support the American people.

One by one, major oil companies have reported record profits, not just a fair return on — for hard work. Every company is entitled to that: a fair return for the work they do or innovation they generate. It means — but I mean profits so high it’s hard to believe.

Now, the second quarter of the profits were really high. But the third quarter — last week, Shell announced that it made $9.5 billion in profits for the third quarter — $9.5 billion. That’s almost twice as much as it made in the third quarter of last year. I think that’s something. You think that’s incredible? I thought, “My — that’s as good as — as high as it’s going to get.”

Then along came Exxon. Exxon’s profits for the third quarter were at $18.7 billion. One quarter: $18.7 billion — nearly triple what Exxon made last year and the most in its 152-year history. It’s never made that much profit.

In the last six months, six of the largest oil companies have made more than $100 billion — $100 billion. And we had a little discussion about this, the three of us and others. One hundred billion in profits in two — less than 200 days. That’s not bad.

And here’s why this — here’s why this matters. I think it’s outrageous what their — the — the size of the profit.

Here’s why it matters: If these companies were making average profits they’ve been making by refining oil over the last 20 years instead of the outrageous profits they’re making today and if they passed the rest on to the consumers, the price of gas would come down around an additional 50 cents.

If they’re investing their profits in the historic — at historic rates in their U.S. operations, then America would be producing more oil today and prices would be down even further. But rather than increasing their investments in America or giving American consumers a break, their excess profits are going back to their shareholders and to buying back their stock, so the executive pay is — are going to skyrocket.

Give me a break. Enough is enough. Look, I’m a capitalist. You’ve heard me say this before: I have no problem with corporations turning a fair profit or getting the return on their investment and innovation. But this isn’t remotely what’s happening.

Oil companies’ record profits today are not because they’re doing something new or innovative. Their profits are a windfall of war — the windfall from the brutal conflict that’s ravaging Ukraine and hurting tens of millions of people around the globe. You know, at a time of war, any company receiving historic windfall profits like this has a responsibility to act beyond their narrow self-interest of its executives and shareholders.

I think they have a responsibility to act in the interest of their consumers, their community, and their country; to invest in America by increasing production and refining capacity. Because they — they don’t want to do that. They — they have the opportunity to do that — lowering prices for consumers at the pump.

You know, if they don’t, they’re going to pay a higher tax on their excess profits and face other restrictions. My team will work with Congress to look at these op- — these options that are available to us and others. It’s time for these companies to stop war profiteering, meet their responsibilities to this country, and give the American people a break and still do very well.

The American people are going to judge who’s standing with them and who is only looking out for their own bottom line. I know where I stand, and I want to let the — I’m — going to hear more from me about this when the Congress gets back.

Thank you all very, very much. Appreciate it.

White 10/31/2022.

This is a straight campaign tweet he said similar in a video tweeted out on Monday.

On Thursday the 3rd of November, President Biden offered remarks on student debt relief from Central New Mexico Community College.

President Biden: Let me close with this message to young people about this nation.  I’ve always believed your generation, the 18- to 30-year generation, represents the best-educated, most-talented, least-prejudiced, most generatio- — most generous generation in our history.  And I really mean that.  It is.  That’s why I’m so optimistic about the future

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