Carter Page: Redacted Warrant Application Released

United States Department of Justice Building

The Department of Justice, on Saturday, released a redacted copy of the documents (PDF 412 pages) that make up the FISA warrant application used to obtain a warrant to wiretap Cater Page, the onetime aid for the Trump campaign.

This release comes after many media outlets, such as The New York Times, filed Freedom of Information Act requests to obtain the much debated documents.

The documents while heavily redacted offer us a glimpse into the reasoning  behind obtaining the surveillance warrant and the subsequent renewal applications for Page.

The application explains in the first two pages, with redaction’s, that the FBI had reason to suspect Page was a foreign agent, stating on page 2 “Target of this application is an agent of a foreign power.” It goes on to explain that Russia is the foreign power Page is suspected of being an agent of.

The PDF is 412 pages long. For now, here are some twitter highlights, as this is a developing story, more will follow.

Page 22 in the below tweet, partially redacted, states that according to a media source, it lays out Page’s “secret meeting with Igor Sechin”

Page 23 in the footnote it explains about Steele’s contact with the media.

Page 16 clearly shows that the FBI did inform the Judge that Steele was working for the opposition party.

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