Plea Deal?

One-time personal attorney and self proclaimed “fixer” for President Trump, Michael Cohen, may have made a deal with New York prosecutors regarding the criminal investigation into Cohen’s financial dealings.

Cohen, who made headlines in April when the FBI executed a search warrant on his home, office, and a hotel suite, The News Blender reported at the time that Special Counsel Robert Mueller had referred information to the New York Southern District office. The President expressed his outrage via twitter at the time, lamenting that “Attorney Client privilege was dead” regarding the seizure of documents that total millions. according to reporting at the time.

Trump Tweet 4/10/18 7:07 a.m.

Over the next several months, we learned as was reported at The News Blender, that radio and Fox News show host Sean Hannity was Cohen’s “client number three.” We learned that Cohen recorded conversations, at least one of which was between he and President Trump, as played on CNN. Via Cohen’s newest attorney Lanny Davis, that seemed to regard issuing a payment to a Playboy model that claimed a year long affair with President Trump in 2006 into 2007. We also learned that President Trump, via Cohen, paid Stormy Daniels, aka Stephanie Clifford, a porn actress that claims she had a sexual relationship with President Trump also in 2006, for her silence regarding the relationship during the 2016 presidential election. Cohen has also stated that President Trump knew about the Trump Tower meeting that was attended by Donald Trump Jr. and other campaign staff members, in hopes of the campaign obtaining “dirt” on Hillary Clinton.

More recently, The New York Times reported Sunday that the FBI was investigating Cohen on “bank fraud and tax fraud charges,” and that they had, “zeroed in on well over $20 million in loans obtained by taxi businesses that he and his family own, according to people familiar with the matter.”

On Tuesday morning, NBC News reported that Cohen was “discussing plea deal with prosecutors.” The article is citing “multiple sources familiar with the matter tell NBC news, that while a deal had not been reached at the time of print, that a potential deal could be reached as early as Tuesday afternoon.”

After the NBC story broke, CNN reporter Erica Orden, via tweet, informed users that barricades had been placed outside the courtroom where it’s expected that Cohen will appear, though she stressed she’s not sure if that’s why the barricades were installed.

Michael Cohen arrived at FBI headquarters, CNBC reports via tweet. They also report that Cohen is due to appear in court at 4 p.m. eastern.

CNN is reporting, via tweet, that according to one source, Cohen is expected to plead guilty but, “not,” cooperate with the government

In the interest of time and stress levels this update is for both Paul Manafort and Micheal Cohen. First up Paul Manafort followed by what we know on Michael Cohen’s plea deal. 

Update: Paul Manafort

As was reported @ The News Blender the jury in the Paul Manafort case could not reach a consensus on at least one charge, we know learn, via CNN, that the jury was unable to reach a verdict on ten of the counts, Judge T.S. Ellis, declared a mistrial on those charges. However the jury was able to reach a verdict on eight counts.

Guilty on all eight counts, via The Washington Post, on “five counts of filing false tax returns, one count of not filing a required IRS form, and two bank fraud counts.”

Update: Michael Cohen 

Michael Cohen has plead guilty to “five counts of tax evasion, one count of making a false statement to a bank and two campaign finance violations: making an unlawful corporate campaign contribution and making an excessive campaign contribution,” via The Washington Post according to the article the judge asked if he pleaded guilty and Cohen replied, “yes, sir.” 

As the linked post article notes, Cohen becomes the fifth Trump “associate to have plead guilty or be charged with criminal wrongdoing since,” President Trump took office.

President Trump is scheduled to hold a campaign rally in West Virginia in less than two hours from now. 

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