Trump MUST Fire Them All…NOW!

Our Department of Justice is out of control. The Attorney General is not doing his job. The Deputy Attorney General is totally corrupt, as is the Director of the FBI and the Deputy Director of the FBI. On top of it all, we have a runaway Special Counsel who is conducting a totally corrupt and political witch hunt. The entire Mueller investigation is a hoax!

All of this is extremely damaging to our nation. The amount of threat this has on our national security is unfathomable! It’s affecting our confidence and trust in government where the people no longer trust any of these agencies of law enforcement. It’s damaging our foreign relations immeasurably, and our own President has no confidence and trust in those who are supposed to be advising him on a daily basis on extremely sensitive national security concerns.

This is unbelievably dangerous and presents an immediate threat.

This is not Alex Jones saying this. This is not Rush Limbaugh saying this. This is not Sean Hannity saying it.

The President of the United States is telling us this nearly every day!

Yet, he’s doing nothing about it.

If he’s being honest with us, then it is imperative that he fire all of these people immediately and replace them with people he trusts. We cannot tolerate this situation going on any longer where the President doesn’t trust his intelligence advisers and his Department of Justice.

If he is being honest with us, than he is currently displaying an extremely serious breach of duty in not fixing the corrupt situation. His negligence is off the charts.

It’s way past time for him to clean it all up. President Trump needs to fire Attorney General Sessions, Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein, FBI Director Wray, Deputy FBI Director Bowdich, Special Counsel Bob Mueller (and the 17 Angry Democrats on his team) along with any other people in leadership roles of those organizations that he does not trust.

And end this corrupt WITCH HUNT at once!

If he is being honest with us, he has a solemn duty to fix it…NOW.

While he’s at it, he should immediately declassify all documents that are related to these issues so that we can see, once and for all, how corrupt they all are.

This is the only way for the people to regain any trust in our government. Allowing this to continue and fester is an incredibly irresponsible national security risk.

If President Trump does not immediately take care of this situation, then Congress should immediately begin impeachment proceedings. How can they sit idly by while the President allows this travesty to continue? How can they believe what Trump is saying and not demand, under threat of removal, that he immediately fix the extreme corruption at the highest levels of our intelligence agencies and the Department of Justice?

So, one of two scenarios is going on:

1. President Trump is telling us the truth about the corruption and is allowing it to continue, putting our national security at great risk.

2. President Trump is lying to us and dangerously sowing doubt and outrage, causing great damage to the public’s trust in our intelligence agencies.

Which one is it? Which one is worse?

Which one shouldn’t demand immediate action?

The President either needs to fire them all immediately or retract all of his statements and shut up.

Congress needs to demand that the President take immediate action on the serious threat to national security situation and make him defend his actions, or impeach him for allowing the extreme corruption to continue or for lying about it all in so many ways to the American people.

One way or another, this has got to end.

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