Trump Tweets: The Part One Edition

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President Trump is back from the economic G20 Summit, that was hosted in Argentina and as the News Blender explained the summit “brings world leaders together to discuss two things: politics and economics.”   

Since his return from Argentina President Trump has taken to twitter issuing eleven tweets between the hours of 7:54 a.m. and 2:42 p.m..

In part one of Trump tweets we will focus on four tweets that center around Michael Cohen, President Trump’s one-time personal lawyer, Roger Stone, a one-time Trump campaign adviser, and Robert Mueller who was appointed in spring of 2017 to investigate Russia’s interference in the 2016 presidential election, whether Trump’s campaign staff aided in that interference, and whether or not President Trump himself committed obstruction of justice by firing FBI director James Comey. 

Michael Cohen the one-time lawyer and self-proclaimed fixer for President Trump, pleaded guilty in August as the News Blender reported to five counts of tax evasion, one count making false statements to a bank, and two campaign finance violations. On Thursday Cohen entered a separate guilty plea as the News Blender reported.

In the new guilty plea, Cohen admits he lied to the U.S. Senate Select Committee on Intelligence and the House of Representatives Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence regarding a real estate deal he was working on behalf of then candidate Trump, called the Moscow Project. Cohen had stated in 2017 that the Moscow Project was ended in January 2016 before the first primary in Iowa, but according to court documents, the deal was still being discussed as of June 2016. 

Late Friday, Michael Cohen’s attorney filed a sentencing memorandum with the court in which the court is asked to sentence Cohen to time served in light of his cooperation with Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s office, among other prosecutors investigating President Trump and his 2016 presidential campaign. 

As has been covered by the News Blender Roger Stone, an informal President Trump campaign adviser, has admitted to having a connection to Julian Assange the founder of WikiLeaks, the organization that released hacked DNC emails. He has also boasted about foreknowledge of release of the first batch of emails. Stone has also admitted to meeting Russian Nationalists in hopes of obtaining “dirt,” on Hillary Clinton. 

Stone and his associates Randy Credico and Jerome Corsi have fallen under scrutiny in the Mueller Russian investigation regarding what they knew about the WikiLeaks DNC email hack, such as did they have prior knowledge to the release of the hacked emails. 

For what it’s worth regarding President Trump’s assertion that Cohen “lied for this outcome,” last week it was revealed that President Trump’s onetime campaign manager Paul Manafort, who was arrested in October of 2017, found guilty in a Virginia courthouse in August 2018, made a plea deal with Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s office in September to avoid a second trial in Washington D.C., “lied to both FBI investigators and the Special Counsel’s Office,” thus breaking the terms of his plea arrangement with the Special Counsel’s Office.

As the News Blender reported prosecutor for the Special Counsel’s Office Andrew Weissmann wrote in the joint status report, that in advance of sentencing the government would provide the court with a detailed explanation as to the nature of the crimes and lies Manafort engaged in while under the terms of the plea deal. 

Robert S. Mueller has served under both a Republican and Democrat Presidents having been appointed first by President George W. Bush to head the FBI prior to 9/11, he served in that role from 2001-2013 as the News Blender reported, he has also served 5 years as a platoon commander, enlisting to serve shortly after his friend was killed in Vietnam. 

Bonus Tweets

18 U.S. 1503 as explained by Cornell law “Influencing or injuring officer or juror generally.” 

18 U.S. 1512 as explained by Cornell law “Tampering with a witness, victim, or an informant.” 

Twitter is having fun with President Trump’s use of the capital S and F, in “Scott Free.” 

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